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    Default Comparison of rooms at CSA


    Looking for insight on these 2 rooms...

    Beachfront Verandah Suite
    Great House Jacuzzi Suite

    Also, do the atrium rooms have an in room bar?

    Thank you!

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    I believe that the Beachfront Verandah Suites are located directly on the ocean, whereas the Great House rooms you will have to walk up a few flights of stairs. Keep in mind too, that the Aura Lounge is located in the Greathouse too. I think it depends on what you're looking for. Both have beautiful views, but the Greathouse can get noisy.

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    The Great house jacuzzi suite is above patios patios. The BFVS is in the new section right along the sidewalk along the beach. bot of them are in the newer section, My wife and I stayed in an OVS last time we were there and decided to stay in a BFVS next time. One thing we love about CSA is how the buildings are separated and it makes it feel less hotel like. We love the feel of being in out in the tropical setting of the grounds it felt more like being on a secluded island. The GHJS is surrounded by the pool,patois, and cabana grill it just seemed more like a hotel to us.

    If you are up for the climb I would request a 3rd floor corner room if possible. People will be walking right in front of your door on the first floor, my wife and I loved leaving our doors open to feel the breeze and hear the sounds on the sea. The second floor view may be blocked by the trees. The third floor will almost always provide a clear breath taking view. Also the corner room allows for the wooden slat shutters behind the bed that allows for more light during the day and adds to the tropical feel of the room.
    The atrium suites as of right now do not have mini bars but there are always rumors of them adding them to the rooms. I do not know if they have started yet.

    You will arrive and see things you love and will want to try on your next visit because once you go to CSA you know you will be back. Welcome to the family, you have made an excellent choice in choosing any couples resort but we are partial to CSA it is our home away from home.

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    The most recent word from Randymon on the subject of mini-bars in the Atrium Suites was "no". Not in the plan. This is part of the price break for that category.

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    I just got back from CSA about 2 weeks ago and stayed in the GHVS. Yes, there are stairs, but as soon as you walk into the hall towards your room, there is the nice cool air conditioning that cools you off immediately! And don't know why people keep saying the GHVS are noisy. They are not noisy at all. I couldn't hear a thing! The rooms are nice and large. We got a huge patio with the view of the ocean. I thought I would get a tiny strip of ocean- nope- it was an entire view. It was a great experience.

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