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    Default Bringing back souveniors

    My husband and I were wondering will we have to bring our souveniors on our carryon back home and how much can we bring? We were wanting to bring back some rum, tee shirts and just basic souveniors.

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    Your biggest problem may be the airlines, not Customs (I presume you're talking US here; I can't speak for other countries).

    You're allowed to bring back a certain amount (per person) duty free, but you can bring back more as long as it's all declared; and it doesn't look like you're bringing back an "unreasonable amount," meaning it doesn't look like you're bringing it back for resale. You may have to pay duty on the excess, though it usually isn't that bad if you get to that point.

    The real issue, especially with rum, is the weight. Bottles are heavy. Last year, we went down with two bags checked bags, and came back with three (converting one of the carryons to checked) because we'd bought so much rum. So, we had to pay another $25 for the second bag, which was cheaper than cramming it into the other bags and paying $75/bag for overweight items.

    And remember, unless you have a direct flight, buying rum at MBJ's duty-free shops won't save you the "checked" hassle with rum. They'll let you take it on the plane, and the flight staff will hold it for you; but once you clear customs, you'll have to pack it into something that gets checked!

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    Just got back from couples negril last week. Remember you can only have 3 oz. size fluids in your carry-on, saw airport security throwing peoples rum bottles and spices in the trash, so if you are going to take any of that stuff home with you, put it in your checked bag. I wrapped mine in my clothing and made it home safe. Good Luck and have a great time, couples rocks!!! We had a fantastik time. Try a hummingbird... I am hooked!

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    Default Donna61

    Hi! You can pack your items in your suitcase, rum included. We were just there in March and some friends of ours bought some rum in Jamaica and when we were leaving, they found out it was cheaper at the airport, so they bought some more. When you buy the rum at the airport you can put it on your carryon.

    Just make sure you suitcases are not over weight with all of your treasures you bring back. that happened to our friends.
    You will have a great time! It is heaven on earth! Not as plus with vegetation as Hawaii but a great place. We have been to CN & CSA and we will be going back next year, just have to decide which one to return to. Tough decision.

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    The rum can be in your carry-on when you leave Jamaica,but must be put in your checked bags after you pick them up at your first port of entry in the usa. Tee-shirts can go checked and the other souveniors where ever they will fit. Just make sure you save all the receipts, that makes it easy to fill out the customs forms for declaration of what you buy and how much you spent.I think your allowed like 800.00 dollars worth of purchases before any duty is charged.

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