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    Default Csa: July 29th - aug 5

    We just booked our first trip to CSA today! Anyone else going at that time?

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    We will be there the 31st through the 7th for our 20 year anniversary, and are first timers as well. Right now, we're not sure if we are going to do any off-site activities, but it sounds like we'll have plenty of relaxing activities on property. Do you two have any plans or a special occassion? You might post this on the "Meet-up at Couples" CSA section as well.

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    We are also not sure if we will be leaving the resort. I can't wait just to sit by the pool bar and have a drink with no work or children to think about!!! I don't have anything planned yet for our anniversary, but I am sure it will be nice!

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    We'll second the relaxation at the pool bar! We need some no stress time, where the clock just doesn't matter. No work, no kids, no worries, no problem mon.

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