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    Default Ceremony site at css??

    Hello all!! I would like to get your advice!! Please give me some opinions about having a wedding ceremony at the large gazebo or the upgraded garden. I am getting married at CSS March 19, 2011. I will also have about 50 people attending possibly more. I just want the ceremony to be beautiful. For those of who who explored the grounds at CSS, what do u think?? Large gazebo or garden??


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    First of all, CSS is the perfect place to get married. Just back from my 5-15 wedding and I loved it!!! I got married in the gazebo and it was perfect, but it was just my husband and I. The gazebo is small, and it is tucked away, where people would not be able to sit and watch easily(esp 50 people). The beach is beautiful, and the set up and arch and chairs and make it perfect. Im not sure where the garden is, but with how wonderful the grounds are, Im sure it is beautiful. My photographer was amazing. Look her up- Diane and Richard. Antonette is the wedding coordinator, and if you dont have it all figured out before you get there, she will help you then. No worries!!! It will turn out perfect.

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    Thanks Suzanne!! The gazebo that I was referring to was the Large one which I believe is near the oversized chess board. The gazebo where you got married is definitely beautiful and unfortunately to small for my guests (as u stated).

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    We are getting married on May 20, 2011 at CSS. We decided on the gazebo for the view. I can't wait to get there!

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    the large gazebo looks very nice, unsure about the garden I don't think in all my searches I have seen that. I have about 20 guests coming and we are doing everything on the beach. I know it won't be that private but I just have to get married on the beach! My date is July 2011

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