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    Default Review CN July 3-8

    I just posted this at Tripadvisor! Loved Couples, hope to go back soon!
    I had a great time at Couples Negril. I would go back in a second. I went with my husband and another couple friend. We also had friends at CSA that came over for a day to hang out at CN and had a great time too. I have been to Mexico 4 times, a cruise, USVI 3 times. I was a little scared Jamaica would be like Mexico but it was so different. It was more of a real Caribbean feel than Mexico which I love.

    Arrival: You get cold lemon towels and champagne that are so wonderful after being in an airport and bus all day. The bus ride was about 1 1/2 with a stop and some traffic in Mo Bay.
    Rooms: I thought the rooms were great. Had everything we needed. We got a garden room but think we received an upgrade since we could see the ocean if we leaned over the balcony. We were in room block 1 which was so close to everything it was perfect for us.
    Food: Never had better food at an AI or Cruise. The food was fantastic. Lobster on Friday should not be missed it was better than I have had ever. The "reservations" restaurant is really worth it too. It was really good food. We also ate at Lychee which was my favorite and wish we had ate at in the beginning of the week cause we would have went back. We also had omelets everyday that were tasty!
    Activities: You can be involved or not at this resort. We like to be involved so we played pool volleyball everyday and participated in the couples "honeymooners" game. It is fun to get involved meet people and you also win couples money to spend at the auction and casino.
    Overall I was really sad to leave. I was only there for 5 nights and would recommend going for at least 7. I would recommend this place to anyone!

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    Glad you Enjoyed CN!! Couples Negril=Paradise!!!

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    I have heard people talk about the auction and Casino nights?

    Is it like resort credit, no real money, but more like a grown up Chuck E. Cheese. Cash in Resort $ for stuff at the end of the night?

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    Speaking for those of us without small children . . . THANK GOODNESS Couples is NOTHING like Chuck-E-Cheese! LOL!

    You are right. Sort of. Others will explain better. I attended neither.

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    It was like 10 million dollars each (paper money). Winners of volleyball got 80-100 million losers got 40-60 million. Got a bunch for the honeymooners game also for 2nd place. The auction was pretty fun. Some of the stuff went for like 1.5 billion!!

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    So basically I need to be the "Involved one" since my wife is a little on the shy side. She claims to hate people, but truth is she is just a bit shy and not "a joiner", but maybe we will see.

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    what exactly is the "honeymooners game" i'm curious

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