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    I will be going to CSA in May of 2011 and I am wondering what is available in the gift shop.

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    They have a few gift shops. There is one by Feathers and Patois. It has Jamaican t-shirts, wood crafts, jewelry, art, keychains, magnets, sundresses, cigars...pretty much anything you would think a gift shop would have.

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    To add to amanda's list, there are Jamaican soaps, candles and bath-salts (which I love); coffee; Jamaican condiments; pareos; and CDs.

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    Still more to add... rum & rum cream, swim-suits, magazines, newspapers, some Jamaican themed coffee table books, the carved fish towel hooks (as found in your room), cigarettes, toiletries, otc meds, tanning lotions & oils.

    Should also add that there is a small gift shop (Dis'n'Dat) in the lobby.

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    the Couples Logo store has Couples branded Clothing and various clothing including long pants for gents who happen to forget them when packing, i belong to this they also have entwined palm pendants and some toiletries.


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    When we were at CN 2 years ago, they allowed "selected" vendors to set up their stalls on an area of the beach. I had hoped for something similar at CSS last year, but they didn't do that (at least not during our stay).

    Does CSA operate the same as CN? I bought a wonderful pair of sandals and hope to get another this year when we visit CSA.


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    Hey Karen - CSA has the vendors set up on Wednesdays. In fact, they are the exact same vendors who set up at CN on Mondays. There is also a t-shirt guy who sets up on the beach at CSA (near the watersports hut). He paints his own t-shirts, and they are wonderful. He is usually there on week days.

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    the t-shirt guy is Raybel. he will set up shop at Swept Away and Couples Negril. he is a great guy and does wonderful creative work. we buy from him every year. if you want a truly original gift for someone get a shirt from Raybel. he will also create his art on shirts you bring with you for kids or grand kids. just make sure the t-shirts aren't made in a material that can stretch as he wont paint them because the paint will crack.


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