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    Default Ultimate Chocolate has an Afro

    and CSA has a lift to the Martini Bar.
    Now that I have your attention, naturally none of the above is true. Just back from CSA - beach is better than ever. Ulti still rules the piano bar. Made lots of new friends. Great time, see you in December.

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    csa-vet, you forgot to mention the underground train that runs from the Palms to the Greathouse. seriously, glad you had a great trip. the beach was awesome in April as well. just getting done with booking 2011 in April. glad everything is still great at "home".


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    I can't believe I fell for this one!

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    Gotcha Beer King and Secretary!

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    Hi Tom--we will miss you in December. We are at CSA from 11/26 thru 12/3.

    Will you be at CSA the first week in March??

    Peoria is getting a Hy Vee store.It's due to open any day. Now I won't have to drive as far to enjoy good chips!!


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    Where can I get your chips around the Waterloo/Cedar Falls metro area? I have to drive south to find them. I grew up in southern Iowa and was raised on your chips. I think I financed your earlier trips to CSA. My mother-in-law actually ships them out to the east coast to some of her grandchildren.

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    hi guys, glad to hear you had a great time, the only reason you left is to give the bar tenders a break and restock.

    see you in december on the beach mon

    wayne and jan

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    Scott - Will probably be in Florida for 6 weeks starting 1st of March (practice retire). Hooray for Hy Vee - let me know if they DON'T have our chips as that is done by a distributor. Our email is on our website. Thanks.

    Beach-bum - all Hy Vee Food Stores have access to our chips. If your local store does not carry them just ask and they will get them for you.

    Wayne - yup had to go the bartenders were all worn out!


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