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    Default reception at he Palms?

    Has anyone had their reception at the "private room" at the Palms? If so, how many people did you have/ do you think it can comfortably seat? Is there room outside for extra tables/barista tables? From the pictures online it looks like it an open air restaurant, so was wondering if there was outside room for expansion.

    Thank you

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    Assuming you are talking about a wedding reception of some sort or other, I would talk to a wedding coordinator at CSA about arrangements. If you have made wedding plans you should have the name of a coordinator, speak to them by phone, or wait till you arrive and make the arrangements then. I'm sure they will accommodate you and your guests if given the chance.

    If I may ask; just how many people are we talking about here? Sounds like you want to fill the place up.

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    yes a wedding reception. No, don't want to fill up the place. I talked to the coordinator, she said it holds 22 people comfortably, expecting 30-40 people. That's why I'm asking- can we fit that many comfortably?

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    I think that would be considered a large wedding party, at least by CSA standards. Sounds like great fun.

    I hope they are able to make the arrangements to your satisfaction. Keep in mind, everyone will have a great time at CSA, even if the reception has to be a bit disjointed because the number of people is more than usual.


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    How about a room in the GreatHouse?

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    When we were at CSA in 2008 for our wedding there was an area at the back (side by Beaches next door), that was a bit separated in that it was up a couple of steps and had a railing along the seating. Unless things have changed, it wasn’t a completely separate room with a wall and a door. It was open. So you could have some people seating down below where they’d be close and within sight. The thing is, it wouldn’t be private for doing speeches or playing your own music or anything like that. Other resort guests will be dining near you.
    If they have closed it in, I would imagine it would be too small for more people then the 22 they specify, so if you are figuring you will have more guests, I'd make another plan.
    If you want private, there was a big room with dividing walls where they would hold private receptions. It’s in the back of the Great house, upstairs by the piano bar and night club. That’s where they held the casino night. It’s all enclosed with no windows, but it would be very private.
    Again, that’s how it was when we were there in 2008, but things may have changed.

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    jamaicamecrazy has it nailed... that's the way it is as of last week.

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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