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    Default Attention "Tanline"

    Please make the call.


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    Oh I will, but I put a special note in their anniversary card each year to let them know this. I'm sorry I got so wrapped up in "me" that I forgot to say Congratulations. Your lives have been and will continue to be happier than most can ever hope for because you recognize the gift you've been given and are so grateful for it.

    On the lighter side, I almost replied with "No thanks, I think I'll just let it go" because I thought this was a reply to another post. Took me a bit to figure it out.

    Have a great weekend and give that wife of yours a BIG HUG.

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    Oooooh! How cryptic!

    Am I eavesdropping here?

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    feels like we are! LOL

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    No there is nothing hidden or sinister in the remark. It was a statement that 'tanline' made about "it makes me want to call my parents................"
    I didn't want 'tanline' to just "want" to make the call, I wanted them to actually do it.

    Fell better now?


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    Just funnin' Richie, just funnin'.

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