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    Default A testament to my wife

    I am putting this on the message board because I want all to know just how I feel about you. I hope others will know that they too can reach this elusive time.

    So another year has come full circle. From a distant past we vowed our love for each other. We promised to love each other "until death do us part". When we spoke those words, our entire life lay before us. Seemingly endless days were on our horizon as we began our journey together. Those days turned into weeks and months and years. And all that is now behind us as we look back and remember.

    Often times, all the years blended one into another into another. An endless amount of ups and downs, laughter and tears, struggles and triumphs.

    Much of our time was dedicated to very special daughter, Sydney Erica. I can't even imagine what our lives would have been without her. We certainly know what our life has been with her. We gave her much of what our parents gave to us. Patience. Kindness. Affection. Understanding. We guided her and protected her. We instilled in her the ability to solve difficult situations. We gave her our undying devotion. She returned those gifts to us. And as she grew, so did we. I know that our lives were enriched beyond our wildest imagination. It will remain one of our single greatest accomplishment. She is the result of our love, as we were the result of our parents love. The hard times, the seizures, the disappointment that we had to endure, and all the rest that went into making her what we see today, I would gladly do it all over again. She is a treasure. A richness that no amount of gold or precious stones could ever equal. She is clearly a reflection of who we really are deep down inside.

    You and I know that not all of our years were filled with unlimited happiness. We definitely had our share of turmoil. So many things got in our way. But through it all, we remained side by side. Trudging on through all of it, we now celebrate another year together. Forty three years. An accomplishment that far to many never realize.

    Another healing, soothing, overwhelming experience, was our discovery of Jamaica. It helped to heal us. It gave us the ability to see beyond our most trying days. With each trip we took, our hearts became lighter; With each return to reality, we brought back with us new strengths, new possibilities, new hope. As it was with Syd, so too it is with Jamaica. I can't even begin to understand what we would have been without the place we came to think of as 'home'.

    There have been many times that we lost our way. Many times that we became isolated from each other. Dark and turbulent times that made us forget the words we spoke so long ago. Even though we remained together, we often felt that we were taking such different roads that we could not possibly find our back. But life has a way of meandering hither and yon, and with lots of time and energy, we managed to continue to meet along the way. And with each reconnection, fresh ideas and sometimes blind luck, has led us to where we are today.

    I would be lost without you. I would be less of a man without you. I would be lonely and afraid. We need each other more today than at any other period of time. We are connected in such a way that we may not even understand. But one thing we do know, is that we still love each other. We still rely on one another. We are yin and yang. We belong to each other.

    We have weathered the storms of sickness, family deaths, tragedies that no one could foresee. And through it all, we kept that tiny spark of light that continues to shine today.

    Our love for each has changed in so many ways over the years. I loved you back in 1967 and I love you in 2010.
    Thank you for being here. For remaining by my side. For the time we have left, I know that we will continue to share this space we call life.

    Happy forty third anniversary Syl. I love you.


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    Default so sweet

    what amazing words, it made me cry. Have a wonderful aniversery both of you.

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    Crabracer, Thank you for sharing. Your words are so heartfelt and genuine. My husband and I have been married two years last Monday, 5/24, and I can only imagine and daydream what 43 years will be like. God Bless you both and your precious Sydney Erica, and congrats on 43 wonderful years!!

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    Happy Anniversary!Wishing you both at least... another 43 years together.I need to thank you, for showing all who know you, how beautiful a marriage can be, when it is maintained and fortified with friendship, love, mutual respect and fun!It is a privilege to watch the two of you"dance together".Love you both and are so grateful for setting, Eric and I's goals for our high!

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    Default great letter

    what a wonderful letter and two lucky people to be so full of love for each other. Awesome!!! And I agree, Jamaica is a magical place and Couples is the place to go - home, sweet, home.

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    awwww that was an amazing letter. happy anniversary to both of you.

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    Wow Crabracer. Happy, happy anniversary to you both and wishing many more! Razzl

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    What a beautiful and inspiring letter, and thank you so much for sharing it with us all. My husband and I will be celebrating our 5 year wedding anniversary this year in Jamaica...for now I can only dream of what it will be like to celebrate 40+ years together.
    Congratulations to you both!

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    Wow...that just blew me away!
    Congrats & Happy Anniversay!
    Yes, marriage is a lot of work, but oh, so worth it!

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    WOW!!! How beautiful was that? Congrats on your Anniversary. May you always be this happy.

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    This by farwas the best message that I have every read on the MB, best of luck honey, to you and your sweetie. Happy 43rd and many more.

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    Happy Anniversary!

    Megan and I will be spending our Fourth anniversary at CTI. It is where we honeymooned, spent our third and now our fourth anniversary. During the time we spend together there it feels like we learn something new about one another we have never known. It is our "home" as well. It is a place thank brings us together as it does many others.

    Thanks Couples for providing us all this place were we may start our journey together and a place that continues to help bring us back together.

    Happy 43rd anniversary Richie and Syl.

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    Happy anniversary Richie and Syl.
    We have come to know you as friends over the years and TI just isn't the same without you.
    Your words to Syl are amazing, but moreso than your words, there is the spark in your eyes that we see when you look at each other.
    We are greatful that the two of you joined us when Steve and I renewed our vows in April in celebration of our 30th anniversary. It's wonderful to spend time with "long timers" you are an inspiration.
    May you and Syl have many more years together, walking side by side through the good and the bad and enjoying life

    Love ya both
    CTI/April Amigos

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    Richie, beautiful...just wonderful ....happy anniversary to you and Syl.


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    You are very blessed. Your post makes me want to call my parents and thank them for weathering the storm over their near 50 years together. I'm so glad they took their marriage vows so seriously. That is rare in this day and age, and it is the foundation for my successful 25 year relationship.

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    You are an amazing wordsmith! I read this to Teresa the other morning and around the middle of it started replacing Syl's name with Teresa's (I couldn't help it LOL) and by the time I finished, we were both verklempt.
    Thanks. You never cease to amaze us. We hope we can meet you guys one day.

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