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    Default Why did you choose your time of day to get married?

    We are getting married at CTI (just the two of us), and all of the time slots are available. I know that CTI doesn't have the Negril coloured water, but it is still pretty.

    I just have no clue what time is best. The only thing I know is that I don't want 10am, because that is just too much rushing around for me.

    So, if you don't mind, please let me know which resort you went to/are going to, what time slot you picked and why.

    Thanks so much for taking the time to reply!

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    I am getting married at 12noon 6/5/2010 at CTI. I wanted 11:00 but it wasn't available. I chose 12 b/c of what I read on the boards about the color of the water and afternoon rain showers. I agree 10 is too early. I thought 11 or 12 would be good to allow the guests time that day to partake in resort activities. I'll be sure to post a comment about my wedding afterwards.

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    CSS We picked 10a.m. the water looks so much better in the morning. Our date is july 8, with it being summer, its common for it to cloud over in the day and rain. Also I think and hope it will be a bit cooler in the morning

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    I got married at CN at 3:00 p.m. on November 24th, 2009. I wanted my pictures as close to sunset as possible. The light is much better for photos at that time. You will not have any shadows on your face. Do some research on that and you will see what I mean.

    It was just the two of us at our wedding too.

    If you want to see a few of our pics, just click on dandpdub to go to our profile and you can click on the link to the pics.


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    We choose 11:00 for our ceremony (at CSA). 10:00 was too early, but we wanted early before it got too hot. I also didn't do the salon as I kept my hair and makeup simple, so getting ready wasn't that time consuming. We even had time for a nice breakfast with our guests who were up early enough. We also wanted our photos in bright sunshine.
    After the ceremony we had the garden reception with the cake and champagne, then went back to the beach for photos with guests. They went off to do their own thing and we took our photos. Then we had just enough time to change (into our just married tank tops over bathing suits) and grab a bite and we all went on the cat cruise at 3:00. A highlight of our day! We came back and got some sunset photos, went and showered (we got back into wedding clothes) and went off resort for dinner. We came back to the bonfire for a bit and called it a (perfect) day.
    Getting input and ideas from others is a great idea, but ultimately, make your day what you want it to be. Envision what you'd like to do (like sunny ceremony or sunset photos... garden reception or cocktails and dinner, etc.) and make it happen. Just don't try to crowd your time frame too much so you have to rush. You will be on Jamaican time, mon.
    I just have to add that Tamika and Keneisha (sp?) were amazing!

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    We got married at CTI in Feb. I chose to be married at 11am. The water was really beautiful the morning we got married and it wasnt too hot. Everything was perfect!
    The reason we chose to get married at 11am was that the water was going to be a beautiful color and it wouldnt be as warm as later in the day. By the time we finished our pics at 1 30 we were getting really hot!
    We had the room service breakfast and I had an appointment for my hair and makeup at 8 30. The ladies at the spa were running a bit late so it was a little bit rushed. My hair is really long and thick!
    Everything was perfect! My hair and makeup was beautiful, the weather was perfect, and at 11am I didnt have time to stress! We were on the beach by 2!
    I think 11 is perfect!Name:  wedding view.jpg
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    We're getting married at CTI on 10/9/10 and as of now we're doing the Tower Isle wedding at Sunset. I chose the sunset timeslot because, we'll if you've been there, you can't beat the sunset. Although, my second choice would be a morning wedding like midday hours 11-1 because the sun is almost its brightest and you are able to pick up all of the full colors that Jamaica has to offer. The same goes at sunset, the colors range from orange to purple, it is definitely a sight to see! Check out a lot of the photos from the photo contest to get an idea of what it will look like from sunrise to sunset, and even at night!

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    CSS- Vow renewal and we picked 10 am. I liked 10 because I thought the pictures would turn out better. Having the sun directly over head doesn't give the best lighting and I wanted the rest of the day open for other things as well.

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    I chose 10am beczause when I was in Jamaica last month, I found it to be the nicest time of the day. We only saw one sunset on our whole week there, on our trip it clouded over at sunset for a while.

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    I agree with Carrie. Last time i went to CSA we only saw 1 or 2 clear sunsets out of our 8 night stay. I didn't like those odds. So we went with 10am. Also, its not too hot yet and it rained a few times in the afternoon last time we were there. Also, i kinda liked that we were the first wedding of the day- like the beach was fresh or something (maybe all in my head?)
    Good luck choosing the time that suites you best. We're early risers so the 10am slot was perfect for us (we leave our house for work at 630 am every day!)

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    Thanks for all the responses, they have been very helpful. Initially I wanted 4pm, but I know that there is a greater chance of afternoon showers than morning. Then I thought 10am would be great, but I really need to eat a full breakfast (7:30-8:00), then I want to do my own make-up (8:00-8:30), then I need to get my hair done (8:30-9:30), then I need to get dressed and relaxed. So 10am, might be pushing it. Perhaps 11:00am is best for me. Then maybe I’ll get the photographer to do sunset pictures also, weather permitting of course.

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    I didnt read all the replies but will share my info. I choose CSA because of the location. Negril and 7 mile beach. We wanted to have a great location and be able to access 7 mile beach without cab fare. We choose the last time slot right before the sunset wedding. I think 3:00/3:30?? We wanted the moring to get a massage lots of time to get ready and not be rushed. We also wanted to be "close" to sunset for some sunset photos without paying the sunset extra fee. Also wanted to still look nice for our dinner that evening. I saw several brides pay to have their hair and makeup done to have it be ruined by dinner time when they got married early am. It worked great for us! Oh and to ad one thing you never know for sure if there is going to be a nice sunset so we didnt want to spend the extra just in case!

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    We were married 5/8/10 at CTI,at 4PM. Initially we were going to do the sunset wedding but decided to go with 4 instead. We were very happy with the time. Our photographer got great pics (we were married by the sea wall),and the water was gorgeous. We were also able to get some photos as the sun was starting to go down, so we got the best of both. Plus we did not have to rush at all and had time to do stuff in the morning and early afternoon before we had to get ready, and we had dinner with our guests after the wedding at 8 Rivers. There is a slideshow to some of our photos under the "Our wedding at Couples" page, 5/8/10,if you want to see! Good Luck!!

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    I am NOT a morning person but I picked 10am. I thought it would be too early but as a photographer I am always thinking about where the sun will be at any given time. I did not want the sun directly overhead and did not want it high above the ocean because I wanted photos of us on the beach with a nice blue sky behind us. We were at CSA so the sun sets over the ocean. It was so hot in our clothes, had we done it any later we would have been totally miserable. We were already pretty hot to begin with and it wasn't even that hot that day. By the time you get to the photos after the ceremony it is an hour later at least so we took our photos at about 11 which is later than I would have liked. CTI is on the north side of the island so you won't really have the sun behind you and over the water. I would just try to stay away from when the sun is directly overhead as much as you can. Not only is is really hot but the light is awful. I got my hair done at 830 and had a ton of time to get dressed and sit around before the ceremony. I ate breakfast before I got my hair done. I had booked a 3pm slot originally but switched it at the last minute. Thank goodness I did. The beach was crazy busy and it was so hot by then. I took a nap in the afternoon and my hair was still good for out dinner that night. I have crazy thick hair too. It took over 100 bobby pins to keep it up and a ton of hairspray. Even then it was barely hanging on. It looked nice though.

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