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    Default Diana Campbell Photography

    We are home from our wedding at Couples Swept Away and are so glad we choose Diana Campbell for our photography and video. Her and Richard do an amazing job. The photos and video are absolutely breath taking. If anyone is trying to decide what to do I would book her services. They are reasonable and will work with you on pricing and customizing to fit your budget. They are well worth the money and you will not regret it. We went back and forth, but in the end decided to put forth the extra money and we are so happy we did! There is not one bad picture in the mix that we got....which was somewhere around 300 or so photo's. The slideshow is just amazing as well and I know our family will enjoy it at our post reception.
    So I say to every bride, save that extra money and hire Diana. Pictures last a lifetime and you will want those memories!

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    I also have booked with Diana, so when you get a chance will you post some of your pictures. I will be getting married 12/7/10 @ CSA.

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    Diana took our is my link on Facebook,


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    Congratulation Melissa. Gorgeous pics Sportylady...I can't wait for our wedding...only 8 more months!

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    Here is our youtube link of all our photo's. They are all amazing and the experience was a blast!

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    Congratulations! Love your pictures!

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    Default Couldn't agree more

    We had Diana do our wedding at CSS in February and we couldn't agree more with the rave reviews you give her and Richard. We couldn't have been more pleased with our photo's / video than we are. They are fantastic people to work with.

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    beautiful pictures

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