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    Default Addvise for a first timer.

    Hello, This is our first trip to couples ( CSS ), want to try the AN Beach little nervous and a little chubby, never done it before any addvise on how to get over the nervousness. Thank you for all your input.

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    NO worries. Just go earlier in the day when it is quieter until you are comfortable. SSB is spread out so you can find a lounger, move if you need to for a more comfortable location. Lay out your towel, stip and get comfy. You will see all types of bodies so no worries.

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    Default're going to be nervous no matter what anyone wife and I were extremely nervous/anxious and it turned out to be on the best experiences of our lives so far. We're already headed back to do it again 6 months later and i'm sure we'll be a little nervous again this time too even though we know there's nothing to be nervous about.

    There's no one forcing you to stay if you're uncomfortable so I would advise to get there earlier in the day, find a nice spot and if you don't like it, head back over to the beach or pool. The freedom of walking around naked outdoors is like nothing you've ever experienced before.

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    The Two D's

    First of all don't worry about the few extra pounds. No one will say anything in fact you will probably see a few with extra pounds.

    Be comfortable with yourself and don't worry about what others might think. You're all there fior the same reason to relax and enjoy.

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    Thank you all for your sugestions, Still going to be nervous but we think we will try it out to see what happens, and take it from there.

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    A little anxiety on the boat ride over is awesome. I think it makes the whole experience that much better. Once you disrobe it all goes away. You're going to love it!

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    The more you go the more relaxed you will be so go early in your trip and go every day you are there. Have a drink or 3 on your way to the AN beach to help take the nerves down a bit. Most importantly enjoy yourself - once you go you know.
    ... it keepsh me shane

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    Those butterflies in your stomach are just forewarning you it will be a great experience. New experiences are what make life really worth living. This, my friend, is really living.


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