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    Default Can't wait for CSA!! We're so LUCKY

    Alarra and I (Steve) are on our way to CSA on 7/26 and we can't WAIT!! We've been married for a few weeks and we'll be coming from the official ceremony and ready for sun and fun! It's our 3rd straight summer in Jamaica but our first staying in Negril and our first @ CSA. The reviews have been overwhelmingly positive and we know that we'll have a ball!!

    Questions for those who have been to CSA:
    What are great places to visit nearby? We've been to Rick's Cafe and Margaritaville (Ocho Rios) in our past visits. Any other places you recommend?

    We know this is a couples resort but is it quiet by midnight or are people still partying past those hours? Not critical but we're curious.

    Jamaica has been nothing but bliss for us and we expect more of the same! WE CAN'T WAIT!!!!

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    Hey Chicago2NYC.

    Just got back from CSA, and it was awesome. There are some fun excursions that are in Negril, especially a horseback riding trip. There is also a little local spot called cosmos that has some good authentic eatin!

    The night before I left we were up at the piano bar/disco till 2am. There were people there every night. It depends on how many drinks and how much sun you get during the day. You will have a blast.
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    Drinks til 2am?

    Authentic Jamaican eats?

    You've already made our vacation even better just TYPING that
    I can taste the jerk now.....

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    I thought you were "working"!!!

    I guess we know what that "special project" was now.
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    I would highly recommend Mayfield Falls - not too far away. Also if you like snorkling, Xtabi resort is very nice too - even to catch a cold red stripe. We went to the Lighhouse this year - just to take pictures - up on the cliffs.

    You make CSA what you want to. If you can take the heat and party, there's always Alfred's Bourbon Beach of the Jungle. You can catch a cab. They usually don't even start until 11 pm or so!

    Have fun. Sometimes the "sand gravity" gets to you too, and you might just lie like vegetables!

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    Have fun at CSA, it's wonderful. Go see Elvis on the beach and take your bride for a jet ski ride.

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    We got back from CSA last month. Cant talk about anything off site as we had so much fun and things to do on site lol. Dont worry about night life at CSA, we met a great bunch of new friends and had a ball. The first week we did not make it out many nights past 11pm. Dont panic, thats not because there was nothing on, its because the drinking during the day and we were just partied out by then. Keep it to yourself but I am 50 lol. However, by the second week the body was starting to get into it. Had a ball at the piano bar then at Aura night club. That night we were there until 2am. Also after a great night at Palms and Martini Bar we headed off to Aura to Karaoke night. That was great fun meeting new people having a laugh. That night we left I think after 2am but not sure, all I remember was my wife fell into a bush and it took a long time to get her out due to the laughing. You will have a great time. Word of warning though. During your first few days, if you get any liquid sunshine, dont stay at the beach bars to long and DONT mix your drinks to much. 4 of us did this and not one of us can remember past 5pm. We were drinking at the bar and the next thing I woke up at 1:30am and thats all I remember.

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    Where is Cosmos?

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    Cosmos is about a 2 minute walk to the right on the beach. Its just a local place with tasty food. So just walk to the ocean, and hang a wont miss it.
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    Good call, Sean...

    The conch soup at Cosmos is great! They also have a couple of kiosks full of t-shirts, caps, art, cigars, rum, etc. that are fairly reasonable (for a one-stop shop).

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