Alarra and I (Steve) are on our way to CSA on 7/26 and we can't WAIT!! We've been married for a few weeks and we'll be coming from the official ceremony and ready for sun and fun! It's our 3rd straight summer in Jamaica but our first staying in Negril and our first @ CSA. The reviews have been overwhelmingly positive and we know that we'll have a ball!!

Questions for those who have been to CSA:
What are great places to visit nearby? We've been to Rick's Cafe and Margaritaville (Ocho Rios) in our past visits. Any other places you recommend?

We know this is a couples resort but is it quiet by midnight or are people still partying past those hours? Not critical but we're curious.

Jamaica has been nothing but bliss for us and we expect more of the same! WE CAN'T WAIT!!!!