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    Hi there! I'm new here - we're going to Couples Swept Away at the end of August and we can't wait!!! We're interested in going on the Appleton Rum Tour and also going to the Bob Marley museum. Do you guys know if you need to book those in advance or if you can do it once you get to Jamaica? Do they arrange transportation to the tours or are we responsible for finding a way to get there from the resort? Any info would be appreciated - we are counting down the days (53 more to go)!

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    Welcome to the message board!! I'm sure you will get the answer you are looking for, but if you don't then visit guest services once you get to CSA, and they will be more than happy to help you out.

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    No need to do anything before you arrive. Once you have settled in, just go along to the tour desk in the Great House. They have a list of tours, transport is included, as is lunch on many of them. We really enjoy the Appletons tour and have done it twice - it includes a boat ride down the Black River and a visit to the YS Falls finishing at the Appletons distillery. You get to see some of the beautiful Jamaican countryside - highly recommended. We havent been to the Bob Marley museum yet , perhaps we'll do that next time we're at CSA!

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    There are off resort tour services that if you want to email you can get info from. The MB policy prohibits the posting of these tour services so if you want to drop me an email I will gladly supply you with the name. RDYJMJM@YAHOO.COM. You can pre arrange your excursion with them and groups can be arranged for group rates.

    The off site tours can be arranged at the resort when you arrive and all arrangements are handled for you.

    It is a 1.5 hour ride down to the south coast to get to the Black River area and Appleton Estate. My suggestion would be to make a day of your trip and visit as many sites as you can. Black River Safari, YS Falls, Appleton Estate, Pelican Bar.

    Not sure how long a ride it is to Kingston and the Bob Marley Museum but it would be a long day to get both Appleton Estate and the museum in.

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    If you are interested in the Appleton Estate tour I would recommend adding in the black river tour and falls tour all in the same day. It is a long drive to do just one of these but if you lump all three in one day it is for sure worth it. We did these 3 in one day when we went to CSA and loved it. But it is way too far of a drive just to do one at a time. Not sure about the museum but when you get to CSA they have a tour desk upstairs and they will book all your off site excursions for you. You just go to the lobby when they tell you and your bus will be waiting. No need to find your own transportation or book in advance.

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    Default Tour

    When you get there Jacki who is GREAT by the way is standing behind the tour desk in the building of the great house. She has a BOOK of different tours to book you on and we had a choice of different days to go. We just got back and the hotel was booked so you will have NO PROBLEM booking. We went Ziplining, omg we had a BLAST on that tour and we went to Ricks Cafe, she helped us out with everything, dont worry. Book when you get there.

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    Contact your Romance Concierge. She will email you a complete listing of offered excursions.

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    Thanks for all the answers guys! I can't even wait!!!!

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    does anyone know if you can still do the black river, and YS fall tour from CN? does that cost extra? anyone know how much?

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    JennyBenny -

    Those tours would be extra cost (not part of your all-inclusive price), and are most certainly available throught the concierge at Couples Negril.

    As a general note to anyone who reads this thread and isn't familiar with the Negril area, Couples Negril and SweptAway are only a few kilometers from each other, with SweptAway being closer to the village of the two. If you can get it at SweptAway, you can get it at CN, and vs.

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