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    Default Extremely Nervous

    well I will be at CSS in December, first time to Jamaica.

    now... I've been reading that you can not sunbathe topless anywhere at CSS which I normally do.

    I know they have an AN beach which I've never been on in my life - in fact I don't even know of anywhere in the UK that has one.

    I'm brave enough to go topless but so nervous about going on the AN beach (I do want to try it though) especially if this is the only way I'm not going to have a white chest and brown body.

    any suggestions to help me overcome this? Or do I have a few dinks and get a bit tipsy before trying it.

    help put me at ease.

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    Since you've indicated you're willing to give it a try, my prediction is a 98% chance that you will love it. A little alcohol prior may be a help. "Once you go, you'll know...."


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    Thanks guys,

    well looks like i have just over 5 months to get my backside down to the gym... if i'm going to be naked i need to feel decent about the way i look.

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    "Extremely Nervous" .... you won't be for very long!!! While a few drinks may help, I think Charmo is right Go Sober!!!! You will be relaxed in a very short time.


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    I was nervous the first time. As an American (Northern part of the states), I would feel really nervous going topless. The AN experience is about freedom. I felt a little self-conscious the first time, but now, it is really natural. I now have a tendency to do it in my home whenever I know no one is coming (only hubby and I left, so No problem mon). Try it early in you stay, If after a short period you don't like it than go back to the textile side and No problem. My guess is that you will love it, and not spend any time on the textile side. As said above, once you go, you will know.

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    Default Do it

    Akin, just do it! Nobody will care and you will be so comfortable within 10 minutes, that you will want to spend the rest of your holiday on the AN beach.

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    Don't go drunk. Simply find a spot that you feel comfortable with and relax. Those inhibitions will melt away.

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    You can sunbathe topless on the main beach at CSS, but do try Sunset beach. It is a large beach and you can find a more remote area to strip and go naked if that helps you be more comfortable. Re: hitting the gym before you go, there are all body types and what we have found is the "younger" "buffer" bods tend to stay on the textile beach. Just food for thought.

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    Just try it, you will like it.
    Irie Mon

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    I agree with everyone else above
    When we went the first time, I talked a big talk before we arrived, mostly for my wife's benefit. "Its no big deal" "no one cares what you look like"
    But the reality was, I was scared to death.
    When we got to SSB, my wife stripped down before I had even put our bag down on the sand. So I was like, well if she can do it I can do it.

    The great part was how relaxing it was.
    Over the next 30 minutes, I forgot I was naked and I was so relaxed.
    We never went back to the textiled beach

    As they say, once you go you know.
    I hope you try it.

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    thanks again.

    well i'm only 28 so not really old. My boyfriend is up for trying and is trying to persuade me, as long as he know's he's the one going to the bar etc for the first few then i think i can handle it. We are defo going to try it on the first day otherwise i dont think i will at all (especially if i end up getting a white bum tanning on the textile beach - that would just make me feel more worried).

    well it's 5 months away still anyway so i have a long time to work myself up for it.

    thanks to you all for trying to put me at ease.

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    Take it from this AN veteran.....Even, if you happen to get a white bum, don't worry. Nature abhors white bums and will erase it (LOL) on SSB. It'll just become a humorous part of a wonderful SSB memory.
    Relax, be happy!

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    Just a thought/observation...
    I think you'll get more looks topless on a textile beach than AN on and AN beach. Sure - people look but they don't stare like I've seen on a textile beach.

    Have a few cocktails and make your way over to the AN beach - find a quiet corner and get comfortable. There are ways to not be "seen" just act like you've done it before and find a spot away from the others.
    ... it keepsh me shane

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    The great thing about CSS is that you can sit in the pool and you're not exposed to anyone. We found that a great way to become comfortable with the idea of being naked. As we found, nobody bothers what you look like, people there are all shapes and sizes. Definitely give it a try, you can always return to the textile beach if you feel uncomfortable.

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    My wife and I tried AN for the first time at SSB the first week of June. I bet that no one was more nervous than me and my wife. We scouted out the beach the night before to pick out the "perfect spot" for our experience. We arrived at about 9:30 that morning and were the first couple there. After about 30 minutes by ourselves we began to wonder if we were in the right place.Soon few more couples arrived. After sitting and lounging in our chairs on the beach for about the first hour and a half my wife got enough courage for the both of us to go to the bar and get a drink. Once at the bar, she started a conversation with a couple from Texas. I soon joined and after a short time, the novelty of being naked soon left. The funny thing is, believe it or not, that after awhile you do not even notice that you do not have any clothes on. I think the trick is to try to get comfortable with yourselves and the surroundings first and then try to meet people. You will not find a better group of people than those at SSB, from the other couples we met there to the staff (Jheneal the bartender. Happy birthday by the way). We had so much fun on the first day that we returned every day of our vacation. We hated to leave one day at 3:00 for a couples massage. Also, while we were on an excursion, zip lining, all we could talk about was hoping we could get back in time for some SSB time. Comming from a couple that has just experienced their first AN beach, try it once and you will love it. So much so for us that we are in the process of booking a return trip next summer.

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    It was nice meeting you two and I do not think we could have had a better group at SSB that week, everyone was alot of fun. Hope ya'll enjoyed the zip line tour. Maybe we will meet again next year. Also Happy 40th Birthday

    David and Jenny

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    David & Jenny,
    Same here. We had the best time hanging out SSB. Next time I'll take a rain check on the Bob Marley's. We still can't get used to swimming in our pool with swimsuits on. Hope to see yall next summer.

    Scott & Sally

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