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    Default Nervous and alot of questions

    I am been checking and reading the board every day for the last month. I am trying to decide on a resort they all have great qualities. Everyone says go with the one that calls you but three of them do. It will be my boyfriend and I, first vacation together in 3 years without friends or family, we are wanting to relax and reconnect. My concern is being able to find space on the beach or by the pool to relax without having to get up at the crack of dawn to stake out a lounger. We will be traveling the Jan 28- Feb.5 2011, and do not want to resort hop. I like the sound of CSS, it sounds romantic, CTI's restaurants sound wounderful and CN the beaches, I keep changing my mind. Any input or insight would be appreciated. A bar in the room is important. We are late risers and eat and stay up late so food and drinks at odd hours are important, we both work night shift.

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    Which resort to choose is perhaps the most frequently asked question on the MB. Each resort is unique, and each has wonderful qualities. Everyone has a favorite, and people who have only been to one resort have been known to frequently post advocating "their" resort as the "best" one, even though they haven't set foot on any of the other three. We've been to all four resorts and have a definite favorite, but what I like might differ significantly from what you like, so the resort that best meets my vacation wants wouldn't necessarily be the best for you.

    There is a lot of information on this web site separate and distinct from the MB. Start looking there. Read information on accommodation and dining options for each resort, take the photo tours, look at the panoramic views and click on the icons for close-up views, and check out photos posted by guests on the photos mega thread on this MB. If you spend time delving into the details of the resorts, you'll find something about one of them that appeals to you in particular.

    If you're still undecided, at least you'll have acquired enough information to enable you to ask very specific, pointed questions designed to elicit the details that will enable you to make a decision.

    As for the specific issues you raised, we've never had a problem finding a spot on the beach. We've been to all four of the Couples Resorts in the last 20 months and have visited the various resorts for a total of 17 times. While there are people who get up early to stake out a particular spot, that has never affected out ability to find a spot on the beach.

    All rooms at CN and CSS have a small refrigerator in the room stocked with juice, water, soft drinks, and a couple beers; it's not a mini-bar like you'd expect to find in the U.S. You can request a fifth of alcohol (all non-premium brands except the rum). Not all rooms at CTI have refrigerators, but you can figure out which have them by reading the room descriptions on CTI's accommodations page.

    Food is available 24/7. The Beach Grill serves food late at night after dinner hours have ceased and before the main dining room opens for breakfast.

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    jill12 - It sounds like CSS is the resort for you. E-mail us at if you'd like, and we'll send you pictures and information from our 2 trips there this year!

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    Since you apparently eliminated CSA from the mix, any concerns about having to get up at the crack of dawn to stake out a lounger of your choice have vanished, as that's the only one of the four resorts with this reputation, and even that's a bit overblown.

    Based on everything else you mentioned, while any of the three would fit the bill, I'm guessing CN or CSS may best suit your needs, altho I would continue to flesh out the features, activities, style, etc that matter most. The one thing nice about having narrowed down to these three is each one has distinctive characteristics that allows it to stand apart from its sister resorts, yet all sharing in that vaunted Couples reputation for topnotch quality and service.

    Continue reading up on these fabulous properties, check out pics and YouTube, yada yada. Trust me, there will come a time when you'll find yourself constantly comparing one against the others - that's when you'll know that one resort has "called out" to you. Above all, enjoy the research process, it's part of the fun.

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    What you seek is at all of Couples Resorts.

    Here's a site with some pictures of all of them that might help.

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    Default She's right for sure, this time!

    Pamela? Epic answer....... detailed, informative, and to the point. For someone who has been to all four, you answered in a great way, with no bias towards your favorite. As for me, I'm one of those people who've only been to one, therefore my opinion is quite distinctly jaded! But I'm happy with that choice, which is why I can't answer these types of questions for anyone.... so I'm thankful that you answered in such an eloquent way! Peace to you, and prayers for our "family" in Jamaica.

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    Thanks for the info. I agree the planning part is a big part of the fun, I really enjoy it. there is so much info to go through, I hate to ask repeat questions. Could someone tell me if they serve coke or pepsi products at the resort, I am a diet Dr. Pepper addict. I appreciate everyones opinion and love hearing about your trips, all of that information is helping me decide. I don't expect a perfect vacation little quirks make it memorable and fun, and we are both easy going, so Jamaica and the couples resorts feel like a good match. I have been researching resorts all over the caribbean and price range and couples feels like a good match, nothing else gets a second look. I will enjoy the deciding process continue to read all your info and relax.

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    Here is the Scoop if you want to know....Pamela IS always right!!!

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    jill12 - My husband and I just celebrated our 10-year wedding anniversary at CN (5/21-5/25). It was our first time visiting Jamaica and we were very happy with our choice. Our travel agent had recommended CN, saying that her friends (also travel agents) have been to CN multiple times and consider it the nicest resort in Negril. We never had trouble finding spots/chairs on the beach or poolside. We ate at all of the restaurants and were pleased with each of them. They serve Pepsi products, so you should be able to find your Dr. Pepper. We had a fridge in our room and there was a form you could fill out each day to let them know what liquor/beer you wanted them to stock in it. They also serve continental breakfast in your room (whatever time you specify) so it was nice to be able to eat breakfast on our balcony in the morning. The forms for breakfast are on your door knob and you just hang it on the outside by 1am to receive breakfast the next morning. Good luck making your choice and enjoy your trip!!

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    Not sure if I have ever seen Dr. Pepper at the soda fountain. I can remember Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Ting, Grape Soda and Orange Soda. If it's not at the soda fountain, you might be able to find it at he gift shop. Also, soda in Jamaica does not taste the same as soda in the states. The processing is different and they use raw sugar.

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    we were at CSA November of last year and never had to stake out a lounger. Maybe it was that time of year. Loved it, going back in Dec.

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