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    Default Soon Returning...Pregnant????

    My husband and I just returned on Sunday from our 1st trip to CSS! I cannot get the place out of my head...I am constantly thinking about it and we are already planning our trip back. However, this was suppose to be our last vacation before we have a baby. Now, I'm not sure that I can wait another year before we come back. So, my question is this, if my doctor approves me for travel, is it appropriate for me to be there pregnant (even up to like 28-30 weeks pregnant)?? I wanted to know if anyone has seen a woman at the resort who is this far along pregnant. I know I saw one lady while I was there who was pregnant, but she appeared to be real early. Anyway, any feedback is appreciated b/c as soon as we find out we're pregnant I wanna book our next trip...hopefully Octoberish.

    Thanks!! Can't wait to return home...

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    Inappropriate! No way you will be beautiful! Go and have a great time celebrate life, falling down drunks and rude people are inappropriate. Enjoy life and have a great time!

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    As long as you feel healthy and your doctor gives you the okay, you should make the most of your time before the birth of the baby. This isn't the turn of the last century...pregnant women are beautiful and radiant and can do most anything other people can can do as long as it is healthy for the baby. Romance is defintely healthy.

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    We booked a trip for Oct and we plan on trying again in Aug so I might be in my first trimester if it works. I am am high risk so we will see if they let me travel. Normal pregnant ladies should be fine though. I don't know if I saw any or not, I think I did but didn't think much of it. Go ahead and go!

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    If your doctor approves it, of course go. Have a wonderful time.

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    My wife and I spent a week at Couples Ocho Rios (CTI) when she was 33 weeks pregnant with our youngest daughter. She had always had full term pregnancies so we weren't worried about a premature delivery in Jamaica and it was a wonderful week (she napped like crazy!). There were two other pregnant women at our resort (one was about 25 weeks and one was about 28 weeks) and they pretty much lounged around napping as well and turned in early like we did. If your OB/GYN clears you to fly then I can't see why you wouldn't want to get some sleep and relax later in your pregnancy!

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    Why not book now? If you're not pregnant upon arrival, I can't think of an atmosphere more conducive to getting you that way.
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    "So, my question is this, if my doctor approves me for travel, is it appropriate for me to be there pregnant (even up to like 28-30 weeks pregnant)??"

    Appropriate? Yes

    Safe? Maybe not. You will be very limited in health care if you have any problems while in Jamaica. You should consider your own safety and that of the baby.
    you need to check with the Airlines as they have safety restrictions based on how far along you are, not to mention your comfort level on the flights.

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    We were there the same time as you, got back Sunday as well. You will not be able to get CSS out of your head so if you're alright to travel then do it! We also saw the same pregnant woman there last week, we kept running into her at meal times, lol.

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    In your 3rd tri you might be able to travel comftorably - but this will very from person to person, length of travel, etc. Check with your insurance. Would you be covered if something happened?

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    I flew to a remote island in the Bahamas when I was 30 weeks pregnant with son #2. I had had a very healthy pregnancy, and my dr. said that a week relaxing on the beach would be great for me!!

    Go. Relax. Enjoy.

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    I saw lots of pregnant women (well, maybe 4 or 5) when we were there a couple of weeks ago at CSA. OK, I know how you feel about missing it -- I usually come back from vacation and get on with life... but I don't know what happened this time... I've been bitten (smitten) with the CSA bug.

    Go and enjoy if your dr says so!!! I saw a young couple one evening and she was quite pregnant (maybe 7 months). They did some neat pics on the beach during sunset. In one pic, she was standing sideways, and he was tenderly kissing her belly... with the sunset behind them. To me (and I'm not even a mom)... it was quite beautiful. They were having so much fun and seemed so much in love!!!

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    Default Question

    I am currently pregnant (about 10 weeks) and we'll be in Jamaica in June (I'll be about 16.5 weeks by then). I was approved for flying (barring any complications) but my Doc is putting me on baby aspirin to avoid clots in my legs. Travel is not recommended after 36 weeks, so it will just depend on your personal situation. Good luck!

    Kristin and Brian

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    I'm 30 weeks pregnant now, and my doctor said that flying isn't really much of an issue anymore because the cabins are so pressurized. I think in the past airlines were scared to have pregnant women on their flights. But, it's not so much like that anymore. My doc just told me that I had to be comfortable delivering wherever I go. I just recently cancelled a trip to New Orleans because, frankly, I was going to be alone and didn't want to run into any troubles or deliver without my husband there- and I'm a normal pregnancy. So, if you're cleared and you're absolutely, 100% comfortable having a baby, possibly, in Jamaica, then go! But, also remember that swallowing salt water isn't good, and dehydration and super strenuous activities might put you into pre-term labor.

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    Haven't you ever heard of a "babymoon"? Its quite a trend in the destination travel industry these days... relax... get the approval from your health care team, and be off with you!

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    As long as your doc says you are ok to travel then go for it. I wouldn't wait until later in the 3rd trimester just because you are probably going to be uncomfortable and you'll want to enjoy yourself. Everyone carry's differently so this is just a suggestion.

    There's nothing better than rest and relaxation when your prego!!

    My husband and I went to CN in Oct of 2008 and now I have a 10 month old little girl ;-) She's our little souvenir.

    We are returning to CN this coming Monday May 24th to celebrate our 5 year anniversary.

    Check out this site for some babymoon info:
    Jay & Jess from NJ

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    What a great husband and I are going to Jamaica to get pregnant (or at least have fun trying)! Cute

    Natalie and Jeff

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