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    Default Looking For Shells

    I'm a HUGE seashell fan and absolutely love looking for them... just wondering if the beach area at CN or any within walking distance (not sure of how far you can actually go) has a good spot for finding any? Are there any nearby beaches (perhaps one that you have to take a taxi to) that are worth going to that may have more shells? Perhaps somewhere where there are rocks or tide pools?

    Also, I know that sometimes it's nice to just get a snorkel and mask and look around the ocean floor near the beach (rather than taking a boat out) so I'm wondering if you can get the snorkel gear to explore around the CN beach at your leisure?

    Also, if one was so inclined, how far can you walk in either direction on Bloody Bay?


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    Sorry to disappoint, but Negril beachs are not know for their shells.

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    we have never found many shells and they are always small but we love to look anyway. you can walk to the right about 1 1/2 miles. and about 200 yrds to the left. we walk to the right every morn a little after daylight and love the walk.

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    Thanks for the responses you guys I'll look for em anyway (even the small ones). Anyone know where on the island is a good (or decent) place to look for shells? Obviously the closer to Negril the better

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    We were last there in Dec. 2008, and found all kinds of shells. That was our daily exercise after lunch walking the beach.

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    I have always been able to find shells, the best time to look for them is early morning (6AM). Yes, they are small, but there are a ton of them. Good luck and have the best time!

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