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    Default Forecast looks rainy - does it rain all day or just for short periods?

    First time visit to CSS 5/31 - 6-6 and in checking the weather for the time we'll be there it appears to be during the so-called rainy months. Just wondering if we'll see the sun at all while we're there. During this time of year, does it tend to rain all day or just sporadically throughout the day?

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    Expect tropical showers to pop up daily around lunch time. They don't usually last long.

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    We have been to Jamaica during many different months over a lot of years and trips. What we have learned is that you can have a lot of rain or a lot of sun during any travel period. Just like at home most rains do not last all day, but occaisionally they do. Just plan to enjoy what comes since it is out of your control anyway. We generallly play the averages though. There is less rain December - April and then July tends to get the least average rainfall of the hotter months. But again, you can spend a dry beautiful week in September in the height of the tropical storm season or a week of solid rain during a relatively dry month like March. Don't stress over it... it is what it is.

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    We are going in June and would like to know, when you get back, how the weather is, we also were a little worried about going in the rainy season!

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