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    Default Making an Attempt

    Okay - here goes - We're giving this new MB a try ... Two Dinosaurs here and not crazy about change...
    we'll see what happens - hoping for the best
    A & F

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    O.K. I think it's working now! Now I can't figure out how to change the font. I was able to before......I WILL figure this thing out!!!

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    Now this time the fonts came up! Oh, my!!! At least I'm able to post now. This newness is a good thing but in the beginning it can sometimes be quite a challenge!!!


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    The basics of this new message board is essentially the same as the old one. What is confusing some is the added features. Fonts, smileys, colors, text size. Play with the basics and then branch out to the added features and learn them and you will have a better experience.

    It may raise the blood pressure in the learning curve but when you have finally mastered it you'll say that was easy.

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    Okay, I think we can master this!

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    Starting to get the hang of this board. It really will be awesome once we are used to it. Love the things we can do. I was having trouble posting but seems to be worked out now. Hope that lasts. Time to stop worrying about this board and get to being excited about CN.

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    Now that I have got the hang of this new board, I just had on observation. Is it just me or did anyone else notice that Seandymon announced his presence on the board and then there were BIG changes???? Hmmmmmmm.

    Is the young one the cause of us being dragged kicking and screaming into new technology??????

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    Mmmm hmmmm Blondie, I was thinking the same thing LOL.

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    If I may make a suggestion.

    Those having issues with various items on this new MB try using the HELP section.

    This area has less threads and quicker attention can be given to your needs rather than have it get lost amongst the regular messages.Just a thought.

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    The posts are different colors when I log back into the message board, so I can tell which post I have read and which ones I have not.

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    Can anyone tell me why this is happening?

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    I just got my registration e-mail after a four day wait. I think I'm good now

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    Default First time on new message board

    I didn't try to start a new thread...just post!

    I'm sure after a few times I'll figure it out!!

    We're starting to count Thursdays to our next CN trip 'home,' Dec. 16.

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    Default Why Do I Have To KEEP Logging In?

    I'm trying - but I just don't get it - each time I look at a different thread I have to log in again?? Not sure what I am doing wrong - seemed to be okay the other morning and now I'm back to square one.

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    I'm still lost. I replied to a post, but never see it. This is another trry.
    Do I have to type the name of the thread?


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    I think that the cyan is a little too light and maybe a darker blue should be used, also the posts in black look more gray, or are they in gray, it just doesn't look sharp to me or maybe I need a new monitor?

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