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    Hello all!! i have a dilhemma and would like some input. I am getting married in March 2011 and would like live music at the ceremony. I am torn between a saxophone player or a combination of a cello and guitar player! What do u think will sound better? Has anyone had the pleasure of hearing either one at a CSS wedding??

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    Ive never heard these choice at CSS however i am a professional musician so i believe i may be able to give a little input. Cello and guitar is going to give you more of a classic feel. String instruments have a specific smooth sound and very traditional in history. Be warry though, a bad cellist is easy to find. I would also find out what kind of arrangements they would be playing together (ie... guitar playing chords and cello melody OR both playing a melody together in unison etc). Also find out what pieces they can play together and see if you like the selections.
    With the sax- can be romantic to have a solo sax sound however, make sure you listen to some pieces (on youtube) of a solo sax playing and be sure that you like the "thickness" of the sound. You will not have a full sound because it is only one instrument. A solo instrumentalist may have a wider variety of selections, so check to see what tunes the sax player can play.
    I think it comes down to personal preference. I may want a more "classic" sound thats a little more full for my wedding day, but someone else may like that 'sassy' solo sound.
    I hope this helped a little bit. Best of luck choosing. I would definitely ask to hear a recording or a live performance of each set before choosing.

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