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    Default At CSA now (May 25th)

    Just sitting on our patio waiting out the rain. 2nd rainstorm of the day which is interesting. It's still beautiful here and there is a nice breeze. The first rainstorm hit about 1pm and we took refuge at the grill and had some lunch. Got to talk to Chris and his wife Joyce. Great couple!

    I'll post a longer review when we get back but everything is so great here - you can't go wrong with Couples.

    PS. I got engaged on Sunday night on the beach!

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    Congrats on your engagement Musicalrose!! I couldn't think of a more perfect place to get engaged than on the beach at CSA. Looking forward to more updates! Can't help but feel a little envious, lol. We're going back to our CSA home in December this year and cannot wait!! Enjoy and Congrats again!!

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    Congrats on your engagement Musicalrose! Can't wait to read more posts and your review! Razzl

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    Jealous! Nahhh just kidding we'll be back in Dec. and I can't wait.

    Congrats on your engagement!

    Kevin & Angie

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    Congratulations!!!! Have a great time. We love CSA and will be returning for our second time this fall.

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    Congratulations on your recent engagement!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR ENGAGEMENT Musi... We'll be coming Friday morning... ENJOY!!!

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    Thanks JDzWife! I'll post a full review when we return.

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