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    Default CTI Jungle Hot Tubs?

    I can't seem to find anywhere on the boards or remodel info as to whether or not the "jungle hot tubs" still exist. I loved these on our previous visits and hope they are still around! Anyone know?

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    The jungle tubs as we knew them, no longer exist. However, at the new spa, there are two new jacuzzis that can be accessed in the evenings.

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    Default Jungle hot tubs

    Hi Allan and Angie! The original jungle hot tubs are gone but there are two new ones near the spa which will be more secluded as the vegetation grows around them. We were told anyone can use the hot tubs even at night.
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    Thanks Sue. Looks like from that second pic there might be bathrooms nearby? That would be handy!!!

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    When the spa is open, the bathrooms are available but not sure about when the spa is closed as there are sliding doors between jacuzzis and the spa.

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    Default at CN?

    I heard from a friend that CN had some secret/jungle hot tubs? Is this true...I haven't heard or seen anything about them. If so where are they?

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    There are not any, the one that people talk about could be the one by the diving pool that is hidden by a lot of bushes. There is also the other one on the AN beach.
    Shane and Cathy

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