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    Default CSA-Lots of questions

    I finally convinced my "never leave home" husband to go on a vacation. I love everything I've seen about CSA and want to make the most of the one trip I'm going to get him to go on! I think he is going to love the verandah suites since he loves early mornings with coffee on the porch at home.

    I'm anxious to go! But I have some questions. It is all inclusive, but I've had a few not-so-good experiences with all they run out of top shelf liquors, the bars open late and close early, and they don't give great service unless they are getting tipped well. What experiences has everyone had at CSA?

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    Dont' wait a second longer!!just returned from CSA[newbie]Without a doubt-the most awesome vacation ever! We had garden verandah suite-stocked fridge-wine,beer,rum etc. Coffee pot in room BUT breakfast tray delivered by Michael is the best. Delicious crousants,rolls,coffee. [Must save one roll to feed the fish in the garden ponds] Later have breakfast #2 at Patios or Palms-both good.but different from eachother
    Beach Bars including pool awim up open at 10. Palms at 11.Aura Lounge is open late every night. No Problem Mon!
    NoTipping-No Problem-we never met a bartender [or other employee]who did not seem to like what they were doing and they all made an effort to make us comfortable and to see that we had a good time.Can't wait to return HOME to CSA

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    Totally opposite of that! You won't regret it or be least, I hope not!

    Hubby & I were at CSA last year. It was our first time to Couples. Best experience evah!

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    We just got back from our first trip to CSA in April. To ease the issue of tipping..forget about it. Tipping of Couples employees is not allowed and is addressed during the orientations (I would recommend attending one..good info and fun). We put our money in the safe and didn't get it out until it was time to buy gifts for our family. I would not worry about the liquor. Just my personal opinion...I have my fav drink but when I got there I wanted to see what they had to offer. Ask the bartenders for their favorites and definitely use the carousels on the bars. If you like martinis you have to try that bar on the upper level of the palms. All in all...we drank...we drank some more...and the liquor never ran out :-) Enjoy your trip, no worries!

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    The service is what sets Couples apart! No worries, mon. The beach bars open at 10:00 a.m. and close at sunset. The Palms bar opens around 11:00 and stays open late. The Martini bar, Patois bar, and Aura Lounge take over in the evenings after the beach bars close. The Aura Lounge is open until the last patron leaves.

    We've been to CSA several times, and have never seen them run out of any top shelf liquor. On this last trip in January, my husband sure tried his hardest to drink all of the Cognac, but they kept him supplied (needless to say, we did not manage to stay up very late at night).

    You don't have to tip for good service. Just be friendly and nice to the staff, and remember to fill out the comment card at the end of your stay.

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    "they don't give great service unless they are getting tipped well. What experiences has everyone had at CSA? "

    Since there is a No Tipping policy ( strongly enforced ) at Couples, you will not experience that. I can't address what liquor is available but the service is the best we have received anywhere even when we were Tipping at other resorts.
    If your husband doesn't like to leave home, he should at least be prepared for the differences he will experience in Jamaica - get some Travel Guides for him to read up on the country and what's available to do outisde the resort- hopefully you will be able to get him off the Verandah one day for an excursion.
    Otherwise, you can still look forward to great food, great service and a beautiful beach.

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    We just went on our first trip in April and I think my recent review will not only answer all of your questions but will help put to ease any concerns you might have. Hope it helps.

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    Default What about the Water

    When I was at another Caribbean island, they said in orientation that the water was fine for brushing your teeth, but don't drink it. I did my best to keep away from anything but bottled water. What is it at CSA? Do they offer bottled water at the bars?

    Also what brand beers are available? Only Red-Stripe and Red-Stripe Light??

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    In Jamaica the water from the tap is safe for drinking. We are making our 15th trip in October and the first year we were there I was nervous too but took the plunge as the resort we stayed at then was an all-inclusive but bottled water had to be purchased. We have consumed gallons and gallons of water in Jamaica and never experienced any problems.

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    We have been to CSA 3 times and are booked for trip #4 for next April,Nuf Said!!

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    Jamaica has invested in a modern sanitation/water system. The result is good tasting, safe drinking water throughout the island. Jamaica is a moutainous island with plenty of fresh water sources and this gives them a huge adavantaage of many other island nations who must desalinize sea water. It is way better than most resorts areas in Mexico where they have allowed way too may Mega-Sized resorts and the water is not safe to drink in most places. This is one reason I hate to see those mega-resorts (thousands of rooms!) moving into Jamaica.

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    So a few have posted that they had no problem with drinking the tap water. Anyone had the opposite experience?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quailfamily View Post
    . . . . I've had a few not-so-good experiences with all they run out of top shelf liquors . . . .
    This was the case for us when we visited CSS in August 2009. They had NO single malt scotch, and the only gin available for our first three day was a brand called Gilchrist. It was awful.

    In fairness to Couples Resorts, however, we have visited the various resorts for a total of 17 times and CN in particular 13 times (and we leave for our 14th CN trip this Friday!), and we did not experience anything similar on any of our other trips. We visited CTI in January 2010 and CN in March 2010, and there were no problems with the availability of top-shelf lliquors. We've chosen to view the CSS alcohol situation as an anomaly; it certainly hasn't deterred us from returning to Couples.
    I know everything, and I'm always right (just ask my husband).

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    Quailfamily, your husband is gonna be hooked after you go to CSA, so that was a good choice for someone that doesn't like to travel. I'll bet he will be pulling you to CSA your second time.

    And the water is great! I have read they actually export their water to other close countries because it is so fabulous. I'll be you will find no one that has had a bad experience with the water. Drink up!

    CSA ROCKS!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quailfamily View Post
    So a few have posted that they had no problem with drinking the tap water. Anyone had the opposite experience?
    The water in Jamaica IS safe to drink, unlike many other countries. No one is going to have the opposite experience. Though in the mini fridge they do put bottled water as well, at least at CN, it is not necessary to be wary of the water in Jamaica. Also, you asked about beers in another post and I didn't see where that was answered....they do have many beers other than red stripe and red stripe lite. I think they have most popular American beers and I think I read that maybe CSA has Guiness as well. I don't like the red stripe in a bottle but the red stripe light on tap is pretty good...FYI. Enjoy. You will love the Couples experience.

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    We just got back from CSA. Don't worry about the service. It is awesome! You aren't allowed to tip Couples employees but I kept a couple of dollars on me to tip the beach musicians.

    The water is great. You do not need bottled water, although they do supply it in the minibars and at the bars. I brought my insulated cup just for water because I do not like to use bottled water unless I have to - reduce, reuse, recycle, etc. :-) Both Sea Grapes and Cabana Grill have a place where you can get your own ice and water.

    We never had a problem finding a drink. I think the beach bars open at 10:30 and close at 6:30. After that, there are the restaurant bars. Try the Martini Bar. The menu is an inch thick. We had a different one every night and they were all good.

    Don't know about all the beers but my husband always got Miller Lite at the Sunset beach bar.

    Have a great time!

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    Default Beer ?

    We were at CSA for our first time and being from Wisconsin, beer is one concern for my hubby. He is a Miller fand and no problem finding Miller Lite in cans. He also drank and enjoyed the red stripe... no problems with beer in our case...

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    Hi qualifamily! Welcome to the Couples Family!!!!
    Let me say first off, you have made a terrible mistake!
    I know, I did the same thing! We hadn't been to the Caribbean in 20 years after a terrible honeymoon in the Bahamas. On a whim, I booked a trip to Jamaica for a Christmas present for my husband. When I told him he thought I had lost my mind! I, like you, picked an expensive and really nice resort. We went and he fell in love with the island. The next year we tried Couples for the first time and went to CSA for 2 weeks. While he insisted nothing could be as good as the fist resort (it started with an S) he is now completely hooked on Couples and will not even consider another island or another hotel chain.
    Your husband will be spoiled beyond belief and you will return to Couples every year. I know it's hard to take but you will get used to it!
    And by the way, he will maintain that it is all your fault!

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    CSA is awesome ... We have been to CSA two times, CN two times, going to CSS and then CTI in Nov, plus scheduled to return to CSA next April. Clearly the best all-inclusive experiences we have had.

    Re top shelf liquors, no problem. All of our martini's were with Gray Goose. You have to visit and take advantage of the Martini Bar upstairs over the Palms Restaurant. They feature 100 martini's but can make whatever you request -- and it's all top shelf. Just have a "designated walker" when you leave :-)

    Re beer -- In addition to Red Stripe there is Miller Lite, and Guinness. Believe you can get Miller at all of the bars, and Guinness you can get at the Piano Bar, the Martini Bar, and the bar in the Sports and Fitness Center.

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