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    Default Back home....

    Well, we're finally back to our home in Jamaica... our beloved SweptAway! She's still the same jewel as always, that is to say, wonderful to see again!

    Finding old friends has been extremely gratifying... meeting new ones is great, too! But beyond that... here's what's happening...

    Got on the beach on Saturday to immediately find Cornell and Lisa, Larry and Marie... great to see them again! Found my new favorite bartenders, too... Horatio and Ruel on the beach bar... outstanding young gentlemen, who can mix a mean Bob!

    Got to see Mr. Issa right away, too, as he personally sponsored a local fishing tournement to help to eradicate (or at least thin out) the lion fish population that is currently devastating the reefs in Long Bay. A representative of Jamaica's Ministry of Fisheries was on hand to help. To celebrate the successful tourney, during which local spear fishermen took many of these vicious parasites, SweptAway had a huge fish fry, serving up lion fish in a variety of recipes (my favorite was the curried fish).

    Sunday brought a great day... hot, but breezy, and lots of fun, food and drink! Capped it all off with a PERFECT sunset! Today... hot again, went cat sailing, and the afternoon ended in a brief shower. Tonight... Repeaters' Dinner.

    I'll try to keep posting...

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    Greetings Chris. Thanks for the post and the visit home. Almost like being there, almost (smile). Aha, you found Horatio, or better said he found you. Horatio is a fun, funny, and personable young man. You're in good hands. Will keep my eyes open for your posts. Hope the repeaters dinner was fab but am sure it was. Have a spectacular vacation and a rum punch(yum!) for me! Razzl

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    Ahh love the real time posts! Looking forward to hearing more.

    Kevin & Angie

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    Have a fantastic time at "home" Chris. There is nothing like the feeling of stepping off the bus and knowing you are finally there. We are hoping to make trip number 4 in January. If you happen to see Cean at Feathers and Christopher (Shaggy) at Scuba please give them a hug from Nancy and Gaston and tell them we miss them very much. They have really become like our son and daughter to us and are the main reason we yearn to return soon. From reading your posts over the past few years we know that you feel the same way about CSA as we do. There really is no way to describe the magic to someone who has not yet experienced it. I look forward to your updates. Once again, have a wonderful time!

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    Hi Chris,
    So Happy to hear that Larry and Marie & Cornell and Lisa are in Paradise too!!! We met Larry and Marie last year on the shuttle to Negril - Such Nice Folks, Please tell them that Art & Francine say "HI"! Would also love to meet Cornell and Lisa one day, they sound like such nice people...
    Have Sooo Much Fun!!
    We look forward to reading your updates!
    Art xo Francine

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    Back home & having a fantastic holiday in paradise, obviously. Chris has disappeared! Lucky man. Razzl

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    Actually, I haven't disagreed... but we ARE having a great time! All has been fantastic, as always, except that this morning Mother Nature isn't cooperating... thus the post!

    Anyway, to catch up...

    The repeaters' dinner was the usual chef's tour d'force. Fantastic menu, wonderful conversation (Miss Mimi at our table), and a great time had by all. Afterwards, we went up to see everyone's good friend Ulti, which turned out to be even more wonderful than ever...

    Mr. Choc, knowing the reason for our visit (our 35th anniversary), surprised us with a nice anniversary cake, a true gentleman's toast, and one of our g-r coordinators sang us a special song (The Rose)... we were absolutely taken aback... now that's first class!

    A couple of spots of heavy rain on Tuesday, but not enough to dampen our fun... still plenty of sun and fun. Wedneday was one of those odd days that seems to happen at SweptAway from time to time... clound and rain at Negril Point and at Rutland Point, while the skys above us stayed relatively cloud free. We decided to forego the Catamaran Cruise, and we're glad we did because as it was making way for Negril Point, the wind quite suddenly shifted from south west to south... and then it happened. As we were drinking and chatting up with our Maybees group and enjoying a cigar, Cornell suddenly points at Rutland Point and says "WATERSPOUT!!!". No kidding!... not one, but TWO waterspouts, and they seemed to be out over Bloody Bay!... I'll have to check more posts to see if anyone saw them there!

    Yesterday, another lazy day... just hanging out enjoying the beach until our spa appointments at 3:00. Before leaving home, I hid a walnut somewhere in my body. I gave my massage therapist one hour to find it... she not only found it, but made baklava out of it... DAMN, she's good! Went to Feathers last night... it was very good (Feathers and very good... now there's an oxymoron...), then over to watch the fashion show and talent show at the Palms. Cornell and Larry both ripped it up on "Wipe Out", then Cornell sat in with Exodus for a reggae set... what a talented guy!

    So that brings us to this very rainy morning. We'll be sure to say hi to Larry and Marie, Francine... I'm sure they'll remember you and give you "UPS".

    Now all I have to do is find a way to get to the bar without getting soaked... but what would be the point? Ya Mon!

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    Nice!!! Thanks for the updates Chris! Razzl

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    As stated by Ulti at the piano bar ,,"give love ,,give love"

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