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    Default dress code?

    Hello all!

    We will be taking a trip to CN next week and we would like to eat at the Otaheite. Will my husband be out of place in a polo shirt, khakis and a pair of boat shoes?

    His idea of "dress up" is clean Levis, and the above is the best I can dream up out of his limited closet.

    I am willing to go buy him whatever he needs, but I would need to know what that would be.

    Also, this will be our first Couples trip. We have been to two other adult only all inclusive resorts. From all the wonderful reviews we've read, we can't wait to get to the CN. It's our 7th wedding anniv!.

    Thank you all!
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    What you describe will be just fine. It's what many of the men will be wearing. Have fun.

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    He's cool with that wardrobe. Meets all the requirements.

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    That's about all I can get from my hubby too, so it sounds like it's good enough. Have fun!

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