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    Just wondering what your favorite drinks are at CN. A few years ago when we went to CSS, they did not have the drink selection that CSA has. We will be at CN for the first time in July. My favorite drinks at CSA are Snake Eyes and Peach Cobbler. YUM! Thanks for any input.

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    There was a drink named after the dive boat that was pretty good - vodka based and blue called Bubbles! There is also Purple Rain which is a frozen vodka based drink (I only drink vodka or wine so cannot give you any other suggestions on other drinks). Don't forget the Bob Marley, Dirty Banana, Hummingbird, no Problem, Salty Dog and Negril Screw! You can't go wrong with any of them! enjoy!

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    Just can't beat Jack Daniels

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    I have to second the Purple Rain! Love those!!! I also like rum cream on ice. I can't remember the names of other drinks I've had while at CN. Just look through the menu and try one of each!!! They are all good!!

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    Let's See - Running Waters; Miami Vice; Dirty Banana - those are our favorites, then there are the drink of the day which we try. Sometimes like and sometimes don't. Have to try a Bob Marley too.

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    We can't live without the Strawberry Vodka Slushes!!! They are fantastic and not too sweet!
    Stephanie & Ray French
    CN - September 2005
    CN - May 7-15, 2011

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    Purple Rain, Dirty Banana, Hummingbird, Cosmopolitan, Dirty Martini, Blow Job , Bob Marley, Miami Vice.....they are all great!!!
    Glenda & Mickey

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