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    Default Leaving Tomorrow for CSA - Questions

    Not only first time to CSA, but first time to Jamaica. So, wife and I are excited and looking forward to it.

    We are getting the Beachfront Suite, and I notice that each room has an MP3 player. Can someone advise if an iPod works with it, and should I bring a headphone cord, or does an iPod dock into the system. I would imagine it has a built in cord so that it would be universal with all mp3 players, but have learned to never assume anything. Also, it the quality of the player at least half way decent?



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    Hey there,

    I just got back from CSA last night. You will have a great time. MP3 player is a docking station with good quality speakers. You can bring your headphones if you want to listen out of the room, but the docking station works very well, and it is compatible with the ipod.
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    We'll be there in 3 days!! I usually bring the ipod for the airplane, but I have found that there are unique sounds of Jamaica that trump the man-made music and the ipod usually stays in the safe.

    The tree've never heard anything like that sound. Are they crickets? C'mon, they're not really frogs, are they?you wonder. Yes they are! I haven't see them (they only come out at night), but their sound is unmistakable. Kind of like a violin at a symphony.

    The ocean...sitting on your porch/balcony/verandah with the gentle, listing waves rolling in is so soothing and romantic.

    And during the day, there is the cheery lullaby of "ceeeegahrets", and "cigar cigar cigar" that always makes us smile. Mixed with some Bob Marley, and you KNOW you're not in Kansas anymore (we're from Kansas).

    But bring the ipod as a back up!

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    ... and just a reminder for those of you who don't have an i-pod, a male/male patch cord will work with any device that has an earphone jack in it... there is a jack on the back of the docking station.

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    We just got back from CSA two weeks ago, and had the beachfront Suite. LOVED LOVED IT. Close your shutters as soon as you get there in the day and your room will cool down REalLY nice. We got the 2nd floor. We first had the ground floor and to be honest it was right next to bar so was loud and kept hearing flip-flop noise, felt like people were looking in so asked for a 2nd floor and WOW they gave us the corner suite with an AMAZING view. YOU WILL LOVE IT. I have an Ipod and John had an MP3 player and they both fit in the radio/Alarm clock. Nice sound. Didnt miss TV onebit. MAN I miss that place. Have fun.

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    Thanks....bags are packed and ready to head out first thing tomorrow morning!

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    You all Have a great time!!!

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