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    Default Which resort would you recommend for us?

    Hello all! I have a question that I'm sure has been asked a million times. Which resort should we choose? We just at got back from Negril a couple months and absolutely fell in love with Jamaica! Our only regret is that we didn't stay at a Couples resort so next year we are Couples bound! We did stay at nice resort next to CN on Bloody Bay and LOVED the beach. We would really like to see the other side of the island but we are worried we will be disappointed with the beach as I have heard Blood Bay is hard to beat. Any advice you could give me would be greatly appreciated.


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    The beaches on the other side, Ocho Rios, are nice but they just don't compare to Negril.

    If the beach is really important to you then look at CN or CSA.
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    Hard to beat Bloody Bay, we have stayed there many times at different resorts and CN.

    we tried CSS and really liked it, but CN is home

    We stayed at S in Mobay several times, not nearly as nice as Negril.

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    The beach at CSA is truly the best Couples has to offer. It is so long that when you are in the middle of it you cannot see neighboring resorts. It feels more private to me then CN.

    CSA is on Long Bay and I really like that you can walk much further down the beach at CSA and try different bars, jerk places, and Margaritaville.

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    We've visited three of the four Couples properties. All of the Couples resorts are wonderful, best in Jamaica and I would recommend any of them to you. You have to decide what calls to you the most and if that's the beach then the beaches in Negril are oustanding.

    This is CSA....

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    While the beach is important to us it is also important for us to see more of Jamaica. We are seriously thinking about CTI for next year. I know the beach isn't as nice the beach in Negril but will we be disappointed? I guess what I'm trying to ask is... Is it worth giving up the perfect beach to get to see the other side of the island?

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    If the beach is really important, then stay with Negril. If you would like to take a chance, book the secret rendezvous and see where you end up.

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    We just got back from our second trip to CTI, and I would recommend it to anyone. We stayed at CSA in October '07, and it was definitely nice, but CTI is amazing. The beach is small, and the snorkeling is not quite as good, but everything else makes up for it (in my opinion). We will probably try CSA again someday as it rained every day of our first visit there, but it will have to wait until I get my fill of CTI (and that may be awhile)!

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    It you are looking for a nice smaller beach without vendors, people from other resorts walking up and down it, no kids, and the most friendly staff, then CTI is it. I think it is the most private resort out of the four. CN and CSA are on a public beach, CSS has a public beach next to Sunset beach and they walk over, CTI is all alone. You can not go wrong with any of the four.

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    There are several reasons we first chose CTI, and one of them is despite the fact that the beach is smaller than it is at the other resorts, especially the two in Negril, it's the only truly private one. We never have to concern ourselves with pesky and persistent vendors, we always know that everyone laying out or strolling about the beach are fellow guests.

    But for some, long walks along an uninterrupted beach is more important, and I can certainly respect that. And for others, the bigger the beach, the better. For some size matters (ok ladies, no giggling).

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    Default Do Both

    I love CTI, however as the posts here have said the beach is quite small but private.

    My wife likes the long beaches a Negril.

    So each time we have visited couples we get the best of both by staying a week at CTI then a week at Swept Away or Negril.

    Fly between the two and you get some fantastic views.

    It always seems sunnier on the Negril Side but not sure if that is just co-incidence!

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    If the beach is a REALLY important part of your vacation then you better stick with CN or CSA. We had been to Ocho Rios but never stayed there (we always stayed in Negril) until in May when we did the SR & went to CSS. The resort is gorgeous & the beach is nice but small & the sand is not white. We haven't been to CTI so I can't comment on that but assume it is more like CSS than the beach in Negril. We didn't realize how much the beach meant to us & our enjoyment of Couples until we didn't have that GREAT beach at CN or at CSA. We personally prefer the beach at CN over the one at CSA but they are both FABULOUS & it just depends on what you're looking for. The pool area at CN is a big draw for us also. Just LOVE the layout of CN. We are glad we tried the other side of the island but next time we're headin' back to Negril. It's just too perfect.

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    We have been to both CTI and CSS. CSS offers a 1/3 mile track and two different beaches. The beaches at CSS are not large, so do not plan on walking the beaches, sit and enjoy. Use the track and the hills of CSS for walking, the beaches for sightseeing.

    At CTI, there is a small beach and plenty of nooks and crannies, and the breeze is great.

    Both places have great gardens and several peaceful places.

    From our experience, you will meet great people, if you choose, and your trip will be what you will want it to be.

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    You know I'm giggling

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    Hi Kassey,
    I just booked our 2nd trip to Couples, this time to CSA. Our 1st was CN. I had similar stress this time - which to pick? We loved CN but we like to go out at night or at least dancing in the resort. So, even though we truly loved CN and it was one of our favorite trips EVER, we decided to try CSA to see if it had a little livlier nightly entertainment, based on some great advice here and looking at the online information. However, ultimately no one can choose the best for you. It depends on your tastes and interests and what type of trip you want. CTI looks really beautiful. I will try to force myself to try all 4, even if we fall totally in love with CSA! My advice is - trust your instincts. That's what I did, ultimately. I am sure you'll have a great time!! Good luck.


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    What we liked about the beach in Negril was the soft sand and the calm water. We didn't have to worry about undertow or stepping on sharp rocks. We didn't walk down the beach at all even though we had planned to. We just layed on the loungers and relaxed between dips in the beautiful clear water. Our only gripe (and it wasn't a big one) was the vendors. I know they are only trying to make a living but it did get old after a little bit. Oh and the dozen or so jet skis that hovered at the ropes. After looking at some of the recent pictures of CTI I really think that is where we will end up this time but I know we will be back to Negril!

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    Quote Originally Posted by photochick View Post
    While the beach is important to us it is also important for us to see more of Jamaica. We are seriously thinking about CTI for next year. I know the beach isn't as nice the beach in Negril but will we be disappointed? I guess what I'm trying to ask is... Is it worth giving up the perfect beach to get to see the other side of the island?
    We've been to CTI and CSS over the last two years. CTI doesn't have much of a beach but it is private. But, if you want private and more room to explore, on the Ocho Rios side of the island, then CSS is the place to go. The main beach is private and secluded but there are places on the property to take a romantic stroll where you can just get away and enjoy time together. Plus, whether you go to CSS or CTI, Dunn's River Falls is something to try while on that side of the island. We're going to try CSA next year just to experience the west coast of Jamaica. Enjoy whichever resort you visit.


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    It's all a matter of personal opinion. What we look for in a vacation spot might not be what you are looking for. We have been to them all and in order, for us, it's CTI, CSA, CN then CSS. But as long as you are at Couples, not matter which one, you will have an AMAZING time!!!
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