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    Is there any reason I would need to pack a pair of blue jeans?

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    Only if you're going horseback riding, otherwise you'll never put them on - it's just way too hot and sticky for jeans!!

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    Simple answer, no. It is just too hot and humid for jeans and they take up too much room in your suitcases. The only exception that I have heard is if you are planning to go horse back riding while in Jamaica. Other than that, I would suggest leaving the jeans at home.

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    They are too hot for Jamaica IMO. Unless you plan to wear them on the plane, I cannot see packing them.

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    Which resort are you staying at? If you plan on going to Couples Tower Isle and want to try the horseback riding long pants (blue jeans) are recommended. That is the only reason we would bring them.

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    If you are going to CTI and want to take part in the horseback riding, then you would want a pair of jeans. Other than that, nope. No jeans required.

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    Not unless you planned to hike up into the mountains. Even in the middle of winter it's going to be too hot for them.
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    Not unless you want to get your legs feeling really toasty...

    Seriously, though, it's very hot down there, and unless they're what you want to wear home on the plane, I'd suggest shorts, linen pants, etc. - things that breathe!

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    If you're going horseback riding - they would be useful.
    If you're going in the summer, a pair of denim carpis would be fine.

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    Never took them. Even in the winter. It's Hot, Hot, Hot, in Jamaica.

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    NOPE. Not unless you just like to wear warm clothing. Bathing suits and shorts will be your wear for most of your stay even if you go off resort.

    Check out the dress attire required for dinning.

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    Not really. Maybe if you are going horse riding.

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    Quote Originally Posted by D&D View Post
    Is there any reason I would need to pack a pair of blue jeans?
    ....None that I can think of.

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    for the horseback riding it depends on the type of ride you go on. For the beach ride you can just wear your swim trunks. They recommend jeans for the mountain rides but I just wore shorts and didn't have any problems.

    Other than that, you won't need jeans

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