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    Default Announcing the July 15 Couplicious Wednesday Escape

    Greetings to all:

    I am please to provide details of this week’s CWE.

    Name: Christmas In July
    Resorts: All
    Categories: All, except CTI and CNG “Suite” categories
    Booking window: 12:01 am – 11:59 pm July 15, 2009
    Travel Window: December 25, 2009 – January 2, 2010
    Offer: Guests arriving on December 25, 26, 27 and 28 staying a minimum of 5 nights receive a $500 discount per room off current rates.

    Couples Resorts

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    Hi, I am trying to decide between the Couples resorts and some of the other resorts in Jamaica. We are planning to go to Jamaica the last week of August 2009. Unfortunately Couples is a few hundred dollars out of our budget. Do you think there will be any deals that will be available for the end of this summer? We would really like to try the Couples experience!!!

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    Randy, Tried to check on the cost for CSS for arrival date of Dec. 27th, and they are booked full on December 28th, so I could not get the dates that include the arrival dates for CSS.

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    Christmas, really how about something for the fall(september,october). Maybe next Wednesday we can get something for then.

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    Thanks Randy as this special saved us a lot of $$$$---yeah mon. On a side note it was great to have trip ins. We are really looking forward to our 1st couples resort experience.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tiredofmo View Post
    Christmas, really how about something for the fall(september,october). Maybe next Wednesday we can get something for then.
    You must have missed the first Wednesday sale, it was sweet! Beachfront Suite at CN for about the same price as Gardenview at the time (which was during the 50% off sale) for the month of September. Snapped that deal up in a heartbeat!

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    Default Question about Wednesday sales, Travel Agents

    We have a great travel agent that actually made us aware of the Couples charm. She's been a great help and given us a lot of advice. We are about to book our 2nd trip. I am waiting to see what this week's special will be. I was wondering if these Wednesday specials are also available thru our travel agent if we book on Wednesday, or only if we book direct?


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    That is weird, we have plenty of rooms available. Try again today. We will leave the sale open for one more day.

    Couples Resorts

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    FINALLY!!!! I've been dying for one of the Wednesday deals to be on our travel dates! Now we are able to extend our honeymoon by a day or two and STILL stay within our budget! We'll also get to celebrate our first NYE as a married couple in Jamaica!

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