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    Default CTI - shipping decorations

    Has anyone brought their own decorations for their wedding/reception? I have table center pieces, sparklers, aisle markers and other table decorations that I'd like to use for the wedding. Does CTI let you ship items a couple of days prior.
    CTI Aug 21, 2010

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    I brought some of my own decorations as well but to CSA. AND, as far as I know you can't ship anything ahead. I think I had asked that back in 09, we were married at CSA 11-7-09, but I don't remember. BUT, email Debbie Hall and she will let you know if that service is avaiable.

    If they all fit in a box, you can pack them up and put them on the plane with you as luggage, you might have to pay for them, depending on your airline.

    Good luck
    CCA 11-7-09

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