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    Default How do you use CN when you are at CSA?

    Just wondering if anyone can tell me how you can use CN if you are staying at CSA?

    I know you are allowed but do you need to let them know you are coming or get a pass or anything? Do they give shuttles between the two hotels? If not how much for a taxi?

    Any info would be great....16 more days to go until we get there can't wait!

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    They have a program called Trading Places that allows you to visit either CN or CSA when you are staying @ either. The same program is available when you are staying @ CSS/CTI. You have to registered for Romance Rewards which you can do before you arrive to Couples. Trading Places is only available on Mon,Weds and Fri. It departs you hotel @ approx 10 AM and returns @ approx 4 PM. It is limited to 10 couples each day and transporation is free. If you choose to return earlier then 4 PM you have to provide you own transportation. You also cannot do any of the reservation activities such as scuba or the Cat cruise.
    If you want to stay longer and have dinner you will have to pay for a day pass

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    If you sign up for Romance Rewards, you can take advantage of the Trading Places program. The program allows you to go over to CN once during your stay. The trading days are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. You will need to sign up the day before. They only allow 10 couples at a time. There is a shuttle that leaves at 10am and returns at 4pm. You have the option of returning earlier, but the cab fare is your responsibility.
    Juliann & Jeff
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    You have to sign up for Romance Rewards prior to going to CSA, sign up for Trading Spaces, there are spaces for 10 couples a day, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. They do have shuttle that takes you over there and brings you back around 4. You can use the facilties but none of the of the places that you need reservations.

    Other wise you can not "use CN" if you are staying at CSA, of course you can not use CSA if you are staying at CN either.

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    You cannot use CN while staying at CSA unless you are a Romance Rewards member. You must register to be a member and must do it before you take your trip. Even then, you must sign up for the "Trading Places" visit when you arrive at CSA and I believe that you are only allowed to visit once during your stay and during specified hours only. If you have not been to CSA before, I am betting that once you are there you won't want to leave. We have planned to do the Trading Places visit on our last two trips and both times decided that we were already in heaven so why leave.

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    We did the trading places to CN from CSA this past January. We signed up on Wednesday for a trip on the following Monday, so you can sign up several days in advance. If you are a Romance Rewards member, simply sign up with the concierge in the registration lobby. There were 3 couples in our van over, and the van very promptly picked us up at 9:45 in the morning. We returned at 4:00. We enjoyed seeing CN - the beach, the huge pool were all wonderful.

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    How long is the ride between CN and CSA?

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    bcp ~ 10 minutes max
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    I will answer a related but different question before it is asked. It has already been answered...indirectly. You do NOT have to be a repeater to take advantage of the Trading Places Program. As stated above, you only need to be signed up for the Romance Rewards Program.
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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