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    Default food and beverages

    my wife is very picky about the food how are the restaurants and buffets? thank you

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    Outstanding! There is something there for everyone's taste.

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    My wife and i have been to going Mexico on all inclusive trips for the last 10 years. We came to CN last year and couldn't believe the difference! The meals were fantastic! For lunch I would order up the jerk chicken (incredible) and she would visit the buffet which always had a great variety. Dinners were phenomenal. You can have a nice sit-down dinner every night (not limited like in Mexico) or hit the buffet which always had a wide variety and was always fresh. The beverages were all top shelf too! The food and drink is half the reason we're going back this year! (OK, maybe not half....but close!)

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    We were surprised at how good the food and drinks were at CN after our trip to CSS...We went into the CSS trip "knowing" that the food was the best that all 4 Couples resorts had to offer, and after 2 trips to CN we figured that would be a plus since there was always the possibility that we would miss CN and wonder why we felt the need to "deviate" from our perfect vacations...It turned out that CSS was it's own way...we had no regrets, except for the food...It was ALL good, but for a larger property there were less dining options,and little things we missed, like crab meat omelets, self serve nachos, salads, ice cream, and sandwiches...that you could get at practically ANY hour, and the 2 night a week Gala/Beach party dining at CSS is your only dining option on tues/fridays...the room service at CSS can't be beat, but we aren't "room rat" types, when in a tropical paradise...Is the food "better" at CN? I can only answer based on our tastes, but yes.

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    The food is amazing - not "cheap" food like some resorts or cruises. There is something for everyone's taste. And the drinks aren't watered down. Plus you can eat and drink as often as you want, as much as you want, and whenever you want.
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    Default food and beverages

    Yes! The food......and beverages ARE amazing!! Bring clothing a little bigger for your trip home - you'll probably need it!

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