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    Default Snorkeling at CSA

    I have never been snorkeling but would like to try. Will the staff at CSA teach/help. How long is the trip ? Is it really worth trying.

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    We were at CN last May for our honeymoon and we went on the night snorkeling trip. This was my first time snorkeling. I really enjoyed it. The guys from water sports were great and understood it was my first time and were sure to stay within reach so I could ask questions and to make sure I was doing OK. I would not recommend trying it the first time at night, but we will be at SA in August and plan on going out a few times. The night dive was great, I don't remember how long it was, but it didn't feel like we were there as long as we actually were. I just remember them saying that we were out for about an hour longer than "normal" because they have certain things they show and some were being elusive. Have a great time and enjoy!

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    Shore to shore, its about a one-hour cruise, with about 1/2 hour on the reef. And yes, the watersports staff will help you to learn how to use the equipment. Highly recommended!

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    Not only is it worthwhile, Couples is the perfect place to try since it is included! At other resorts, a snorkeling trip will cost you at least $40. The trip itself is only an hour, you are in the water for about a 1/2 hour. The staff are fantastic (especially Marlon). They will teach you everything that you need to know. What could be better than floating along in the crystal clear waters of Jamaica watching the fish and coral?

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    We returned a few weeks ago and I would tell you to DEFINITELY go snorkeling! You don't have to be an expert or even a good swimmer. Everyone has the option to wear a lifejacket around your waist to keep you afloat. If you have never snorkeled they will help you get your mask/snorkel situated and offer help to make you confident! The trip was probably around an hour or so. Quick excursion but so worth it! If you can remember, take a banana from breakfast and take it in the water. The fish love it and will snack right out of your hand. Very cool!

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    We were at csa in april and I have never done the snorkeling thing either. It was so great that we went 3 times during our week and even paid extra for a night snorkeling trip. The staff was really good at teaching the newbies how to use the mask and those people that wanted to wore a life jacket. The trip was about an hour or so. It was fun we saw sea snakes, rays, the old cannon and an octupus. They take you to different spots each time so that you dont get bored.

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    The staff are very friendly and helpful with all of the water sports. They offer instructions for everyone before getting in the water. They have a snorkel trip three times a day. You have to sign up before hand at the water sports hut located on the beach. We went almost every day that we were there. The trips were about an hour long and run like clock work. They try to take people to different locations each time they go out, so I suggest going more than once. We saw different things at each place. They name the reef locations as other countries, like Mexico, Cuba and Bahamas.

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    We recently returned from CSA and loved the snorkeling. Can't speak for their willingness to teach but when we were at CTI the Water Sports staff there spent a lot of time helping my wife feel comfortable with snorkeling before her first excursion. Now she loves it!! You will spend "30 Jamaican minutes" snorkeling on one of the 5 (I believe) reefs. If you've never snorkeled it is really something worth doing. Bring a water-proof camera so you can get some good pictures to remember your first snorkeling probably won't be your last!!

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    Definitely worth trying. It's about 30-40 minutes actually in the water....about an hour trip in total including the boat ride out and back. To be honest, there didn't seem to be a lot of instruction (i.e. they don't get out in the water with the group) but it's really not that difficult. You'll be just fine. We went twice and had a great time both times (although there were a few minor jellyfish stings on the 2nd trip out)

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    In the twenty or so times I gone snorkeling at CSA, I've never seen anyone receive instruction. They do make it easy for with a couple of lifejackets if you can't swim very well or are lazy. But to actually teach you to snorkel? Not that I've seen. You can learn very easily if you have access to a swimming pool, though, and I would recommend trying it out at home first.

    Two things to keep in mind - first, you don't have to dive down, you can just float around the surface. Second, it's very safe, you're not far from the boat, and there will be at least a dozen people in the water with you. Couples supplies everything you need, but I would buy a mask and snorkel at home and bring it with you. Use their fins, but you really want a mask that's comfortable and a snorkel that no one else sucks on.

    The snorkeling part of the trip is 45 minutes and it takes around 5 to 10 minutes to go out and back in their boat.
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    The trip is about an hour, with probably 30 minutes or so of snorkeling. Yes, the staff will instruct you and help you out. If you never have snorkeled, you should try it, it is really neat to see all the marine life a reef contains. Also, it is included with your stay so it is not an extra charge. Go for it!

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    We really enjoy the snorkeling trips. This year our goal is to go at least twice.

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    Totally worth it! You wont need a lesson as it is pretty easy. My advice is to use a life jacket. I have snorkeled many many times and always take one. I dont put it on I just lay on it. It really saves the tredding water and you then can just relax and float and enjoy! Plus if you have to come up and adjust your mask it is easier on the life jacket. If you are not enjoying it then get back on the boat and enjoy being out at sea!!

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    We snorkeled for the first time at CSA in April and discovered we love it! We went a total of 5 times and also paid to do the night snorkel, which was very cool. We boated to different reefs each time and were in the water for 30 minutes on the daytime trips and definitely longer for the night outting. The snorkel crew were very helpful and informative and will provide a personal flotation device to help you feel more safe in the water. BTW, it cost only $35 each for the night snorkel. If you have never snorkeled before, do the daytime trip before the night trip. If you decide to try snorkeling, be sure to try it early in your vacation so you'll have time to go again if you enjoy it.

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    Totally worth trying! Kev and I try to go at least 2 x a day while we are there. Absolutely love snorkeling. And yes the staff is there to help you. Total trip time about an hour. You'll take the boat to the chosen stop and then all new snorkelers stay on the boat to go over things with the staff. Great times and one of my favorite things to do at CSA!

    Kevin & Angie

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    We visited CSA for the first time in 2008 and I too had never been snorkeling. I was very nervous and having difficulty getting the breathing right. The guys were so helpful that soon I was off on my own having a great time. Couldn't wait to go back out the next day. It is now something I look forward to each time we return "home" (we are in the process of planning trip number 4 which should tell you how much we love CSA). You will love CSA and will have a great time snorkeling. The guys at Watersports are the best!

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    Yes the staff will show you and help you , and the trip is well worth it.

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    Oh and don't forget to take a banana with you to feed the fish. I saw that on these message boards, did it went I went in April and it worked like a charm. They didn't eat out of my hand but they gathered all around me to try and get a bite. It turned out real well.

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