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    Default Did the onsite wedding co-ordinator do up your dress?

    I just bought my dress today. However, I just realized that since it is only the two of us, and I don't want him to see me prior to, I have nobody to lace up my dress.

    If, yes is there an extra fee for this? I am assuming they know how to do this as I have no clue.


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    I believe from other threads I have read that the coordinator will assist you with the needs you may have concerning your dress. Steaming is a price and things like that, but as far as something as simple as stringing you up? nah I think they can help you with that.
    My future hubby and i will be on our own too. So I just pray that we have time apart before we get married so that he wouldn't be able top see me in my dress.
    that would probibly be my biggest concern.Good luck to you honey...

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    I thought of the same thing after I bought my dress with a corset back! Who's going to lace me up? I was told that the coordinator will do this for me if I need her. (wedding is 6/23) If for some reason she's not available I'm sure with all the nice, friendly, helpful people at Couples there would be someone who would LOVE to help lace up a wedding dress!

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    The wedding coordinator will gladly help you with this!! No worries and no extra fee!

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    I am sure that the wedding coordinator helps with this! When I was planning my wedding I took this into account when choosing Couples. I know that the S resorts have a 75.00 fee for this, that is rediculous! Couples delivers so much more in the way of personalization and value. We absolutely loved the wedding coordinator at CTI! Everything was perfect!

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    Your coordinator comes to your room 15 min before the wedding with your flowers, she has already found the groom and he has his. She is there to help you with your dress, she was wonderful. Then she escorts you to your site.

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    Just let them know when you meet with them at the resort. I know they were absolutely fantastic in helping me stay on time and have everything together.
    Congratulations, and be IRIE, no worries.

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