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    Default Atrium Suite.....Mini-Bars Yet?????

    For those that have been to CSA recently...
    There was a post that the Atrium suites at CSA were in the process of getting mini-bars, although no completion date was quoted.. does anyone know the status. I am anxiously awaiting whether or not this may be a possible addition to my amenities come June 20-26. Thank you in advance.

    Thanks, Claudine
    Yonkers, NY
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    Watch for an answer sometime soon... we're headed in tomorrow...

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    FYI, You'll get a better response if you ask this on the main board.

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    Default Mini Bars?

    Claudine, I don't know myself, but please let me know when your down there or when you return. I am going down in Spetember and I have an Atrium Suite too. Hope you have a great time. Let me know how it is

    Poughkeepsie, NY

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    Hey Everyone..

    Chris.. thanks please let us know.. and have a great time!
    Jvevil.. after posting this.. someone else asked on the main board.. so the question is on both.
    Kevin12533... No doubt I will let everyone know.. but I am hoping we will all find out sooner!!

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    Sometime in July or August they should be installed.

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    Possibly through July, probably by end of August... soon come, for sure. These improvements (TV's & minibars in old GardenSuites and minibars in Atriums) should improve the marketability of these suites (just save us an Atrium, PLEASE!).

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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