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    Default May 10, 2010 CSA

    We had the most incredible wedding ever!
    The resort photographer took these awesome pics!
    If you wanna see all of them let me know!
    Here is the link on Facebook:

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    Thank you for sharing your pictures! We will be married there in just 42 days..the resort photographer did a really nice job! You have set my mind at ease.
    Thank you again!

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    Did you make your facebook pics public??? I was not able to view them......thanks

    peace & LOVE
    Jamie and Craig

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    Would love to see your pics as my fiance and I are almost ready to book CSA - but the link is to a private album.

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    This is supposed to be a public link! Let me know at if you can't open.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ortegariver5 View Post
    This is supposed to be a public link! Let me know at if you can't open.
    Thx, it works now. I love your color choice. What a cute couple. All the best.

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    thanks for sharing, I love the back of your dress very very beachy!

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    Beautiful pictures!!! Your dress is very pretty, love the flowy look! Congrats!!!!

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    ortegariver5 your pictures are beautiful, from the colors, to your gorgeous dress, to of course the lovely couple. The resort photographer did an awesome job! Do you by chance remember the name of the photographer. I'm getting married at CSA May 2011 and we decided on the resort photographer/videographer, but I would love to know who took your lovely photos so he or she can make my wedding look just as beautiful!

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    The photographers name was either Steve or Mike (I think).
    You can probably find out if you ask who the staff photographer was on 05/10/10 at 10:00 a.m.

    I would advise everyone to have their wedding at 10:00 a.m.
    The morning has the best colors for photographs AND it gets WAY TOO HOT and you will be drenched in sweat if you have it any later.
    Plus, the beaches aren't as crowded.

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    I love your jewerly - the Palm treee neckalce and earings, Great Touch. Where did you find them.

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    Dan and Cindy:
    The palm tree earrings and necklace were my something new (present from my hubby)! They are very affordable. Go to Eve's Addiction on the internet!
    Good Luck!

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    Oh Thank you so much I hope you don't mind if I use your idea. I am getting married at CSA 10/5/10, I have chosen a satin Sarong set for my wedding dress. I thought that perfect for a beach wedding, and the palm tree set would just be perfection!!!Conrats! I am so excited. Your photos are beautiful.

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    One other question- I think the photographer is by the hour how long did it take to do the photo shoot?

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    The photography is just by "the package" that you order. They will spend as much time with you as you want. I would advise that you just buy "the minimum" package to start (# of pictures). You can always upgrade if you want more! (And we did!)
    I think the cheapest package is $395. You get an album and so many photos for this.

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