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    Default Any renovations at CN or CSA

    We are booked for nov at CN in a garden suite. It seems most reviews state the condition of the rooms needing a update. Is this true for both negril resorts and all rooms Are.Any renovated at either resort.Now i am not talking about mini bars and frig... Most people say they not in the room that much but i do spend time in the room and i am somewhat picky about it being clean and nice, i am not expecting marble or fancy.
    Suggestions please on which resort/room type. Cant spend $$$on top suites but mid-up range is fine. Currently CN garden suite.
    Sans Souci 2009
    Couples Negril Nov 2010
    Swept Away November 2011

    Couples tower island December 2012

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    I'm guessing you have never been to a Couples Resort before?
    There are several things you never have to worry about when choosing any of the Couples Resorts...
    the rooms are always very clean
    the food is always out of this world
    you will be treated like you are the only guest they have
    you will be mentally planning your next trip within the first 24 hours of arrival.

    Couples is not glitzy. No marble or granite. The rooms are very comfortable and inviting. You may find the furniture has been "broken in" and the grout on your tiles in the shower has discoloured a bit, but be assured that everything has been scrubbed and polished. No worries!

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    The rooms at CSA are clean they are they are not marble laiden but they are just fine. All the rooms at CSA are nice most people like the Atrium rooms but if you want a TV go with the Garden suites they are the least expensive and now have TV's.
    Erika & Sean

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    I don't understand people's complaints about the rooms. Perhaps those complaining are looking for glitz and glamor. The rooms look just like the pictures on the website. Not fancy, but very functional. The rooms are kept very clean. You are in the tropics so there might be a smidge of mold in the bathroom, but nothing to ruin any vacation. Picky guest just need to realize that heat and humidity are best friends of mold. In the 3 times we have been to CN, we have never had issues with the room.

    As for room choice, if you are looking at a garden suite, then just get the basic room. The only difference between the suites and the basic rooms is the bathroom, which is huge! I personally don't need all the space and find the basic room plenty big enough. The porch has a table and chairs and are quite peaceful to sit out on and enjoy the view, be it gardens or beach. Save the $$ and stay a few days extra or upgrade to a ocean view room, but I wouldn't spend the money on a suite.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    I agree with Julie....after reading several comments about the rooms, I was prepared for what I expected to be less than stellar, but when I opened the door...WOW...The room looks EXACTLY like the pictures on the web (at CN). I think the rooms are wornderful...nice enough to spend time, be comfortable and the views are fabulous. How does it get better? You are in Jamaica...and it is BEAUTIFUL. If you look at the pictures and like what you see, then you will like what you get.

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    We just got back Friday from 8 wonderful days at CN. Our room was great. They are very clean, everything works great, there were no issues.

    I also agree with Julie, when you open the door and walk in to your room it will look exactly as the pictures on the web.

    No worries.

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    I believe most of the complaints about the rooms come from those who do not research the resort before going. they dont find marble and glitz and get upset. and from some of the comments made i dont think they could be made happy no matter what the resort or staff did.


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    Default Thanks/ question about suite

    Thanks for the replies. I am booked in a garden suite at CN. If the rooms look like the web then i will be very happy.
    When you stay in a suite you can get in suite dinner if ordered the day before right? That is part of the reason i booked a suite.
    I do spend time in the room if my leg is bothering me but i enjoy sitting on a balcony outside as long as i am in Jamaica!! and yes, i stayed at CSS last year so i know the pleasure of couples. Chippiesue
    Sans Souci 2009
    Couples Negril Nov 2010
    Swept Away November 2011

    Couples tower island December 2012

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    I think they just updated a building over by the nude beach at CN. They were working on it when we were there in September. All the rooms at CN have a mini bar and fridge. the rooms are very clean. Like posted above some tile grout may be discolored or a tile or two may be missing. They are 1"x1" tiles in the bathroom.

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