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    Default Need a little help with possible silly question

    My hubby and I will be at CSA Oct. 10-16 our anniversary is Monday the 12th which I believe is the day of the Repeaters dinner. We are repeaters (our second trip) and I am wondering since we are there in paradise for 6 days should we go to the repeaters dinner and do a special anniversary dinner a different night? I don't know what to do our room last year overlooked the repeaters dinner and it look amazing.

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    It's all personal choice but the repeaters dinner was by far our favorite meal in our previous trips. The surf and turf was amazing! It was also great meeting all the staff. We skipped it our second trip and found out we made a big mistake on our third trip. It is now an essential piece of the vacation.

    Also, if you are there on a Saturday, then that will mean you get lobster twice!

    CSA Junkie! Next trip -- November 28th!

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    Go to the repeaters dinner! Sad to say we will be leaving the day you arrive!

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    I would do the Repeaters dinner and then on Tuesday do "your" thing. I love the Repeaters dinner. Well worth the attending....IMHO!

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    Oh, wow! No question... go to the repeater's dinner. It's the best dining experience I've ever had at couples. The food and wine was great, but the best part was getting to chat with other people who had been there multiple times. It was a really stimulating evening of conversation. Don't pass up the repeater's dinner!!!

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    I can only give you my opinion...Jason and I celebrate our anniversary/birthdays when we can...might not be on the exact day. So, with that in mind, I would not miss the repeater's dinner and do a special dinner on another night.

    Ask yourself this--will you and your husband be okay celebrating your anniversary on a different day within the same trip...if yes, then definitely do the repeater's dinner.

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    Hi, We have celebrated a couple of anniversaries right at the repeater's dinner.
    Here's how we handled - we started celebrating from the momemt we woke up - enjoyed the entire day - exchanged cards/gifts in the a.m. with a bottle of champagne. Of course we told everyone all day long that it was our special day. Then at dinner we just mentioned to the rest of the guests at our table where we were seated that it was our anniversary - so more anniversary cheers... and we just treated it as part of our own celebration.
    One year at CN our servers brought a special cake to our table that had Happy Anniversary written on it and we shared it with the rest of the table.
    We have celebrated other anniversaries with dinner for 2 (when it didn't fall on the repeaters celebration) and one year had the private dinner in the wedding gazebo (for our 20th) Very Nice!
    Any way that you choose to celebrate your special day would be wonderful - what's better than celebrating a wedding anniversary or any special occasion with the one that you love in Paradise!!!
    A & F

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    IMHO, if you've never been to a repeater's dinner, I would go. They food is extra special there and you get to eat dinner with and speak with one of the managers at the resort. I don't know if they would do something special--like a special dessert for the birthday guy...but you could ask...or do a special thing another night.

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    Default Repeater's dinner

    I would go to the repeaters dinner and treat the other 6 dinners as your "special" time. Celebrate EVERY day!

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    I don't believe they have the private dinners on Mondays, because of the repeaters dinner. I know Feathers isn't open on Mondays. We ran into this when we had our renewal at CSA on a Monday. The repeaters dinner is fabulous and you can always plan the private dinner for another night. We have had the private dinners on the beach and also in the gazebo. It is a wonderful experience and delicious, of course! Enjoy!

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