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    Default CN meet up July 7th-14th..................

    We are booked ......15 year anniversary we are going july 7th-14th looking for couples who will be there at the same...... we can't wait to swim in out birthday suit"s and get that full body tan ... The count down starts now...

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    Head over to the "Meet-up At Couples" thread which is at the top of this page just under the pictures. Select your resort and I'm sure you will find other couples who are going to be there the same time as you are. That is the best place to meet other couples.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    we'll be there between the 3 and the 10th

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    Hi Denrad69 we will be heading to CN July 9th-16th, this will be our 3 trip.

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    See ya there. July 11 - 15.


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    See you all there ......can't wait , drinks are on us!!!!

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