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    Default Thank you Couples Negril !!!!!

    This is not going to be a "review" but rather our THANK YOU to Couples Negril for giving us the best vacation EVER!!!

    Let me begin by saying a BIG THANK YOU to Randymon and the staff of the resort for making my marriage proposal the most memorable event of my life! The ice carving was BEAUTIFUL !!! My fiancee' was totally shocked and surprised. She was complaining about my insistence of watching the ice carving, and had mentioned about going to TAKE A NAP!!! I just kept telling her "it will be fun"!!!

    The staff had invited approx. 75 - 100 guests to the ice carving demo and after Keegan was done with his artistry I walked up and got on a knee and she then knew what was happening!! Everyone was applauding and I couldn't talk so I had to let the carving say it for me. Sue Anne started crying and embraced me....I couldn't breathe!! I can't say enough about Keegan the ice artist!! For him to do what he did in front of all those people took nerves of steel!! Many of the guests on hand offered congratulations and told me what a romantic way to propose. I told them I could not take credit that this was Randymon's idea and the resort staff made it happen. Randymon, thank you for the perfect proposal and please let your staff know what a wonderful job they did!!!!

    Speaking of the CN staff...BIG BIG SHOUT OUTS to Nellie, Travis, Diana and the others on the entertainment staff..what a wonderful bunch of folks!! Also a shout out to Miss Dania, who made me the most wonderful omeletts every morning!! My main man Franklin at the pool bar and to Elkie at the beach bar for making her new frozen concoction, the Elkie Special!!!

    Being first timers, I didn't have expectations when we arrived around 4 pm. We had to wait approx. 1 1/2 hours for our room. I was a little disappointed with this until we got to our room #6201....ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!! Beachfront suite with a view to die for!!! Rose petals on the bed and a bottle of champagne. Perfect room for the perfect vacation.

    I won't get into the usual review...except to say the total experience was AWESOME!! Food, drinks, service, beach, pool, grounds...all wonderful!! Nothing is perfect, as there were instances on our trip, but nothing major...Other than the proposal, we went to CN to do absolutely nothing...and that is exactly what we did...except for the booze cruise and a visit to the spa. We totally relaxed and just enjoyed ourselves.

    So, to go with the saying..."now I know"...We are now officially Couplesholics...

    Thanks to all on this MB that helped me with your advice on my was perfect!!

    Doug and Sue Anne
    Palm Coast FL.

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    Hi Doug and Sue Anne,

    That is absolutely GREAT NEWS! I am so happy we are able to provide you with this memory of a lifetime.

    BTW - here are a couple of pictures of your Ice Carving Proposal. It's a bit hard to read, but the master carver etched "Will You Marry Me" into the ice and Doug took the cue to get down on one knee.

    Congratulations and we look forward to welcoming you home again soon.
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    Wow... this is one of Randymon's greatest romance schemes... one he's been trying to spring on someone for a long time... finally, success! A great idea, a wonderful couple... WOW!

    Congrats and good luck to Doug & SueAnn; and BIG ups to Randymon and Couples!

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    SO happy for you! What an awesome way to propose and great to see it from start to finish as I have been following your story since you posted it. WTG Couples for making this happen for Doug and SueAnne!

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    CONGRATULATIONS!!! Awesome idea and wonderful way to begin your commitment! Kudos to Couples Negril AND Randymon! Just another example of what makes the Couples Resorts in Jamaica outstanding.

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    WOW and Congratulations!!!!!

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    We were actually there when it happened and were one of the many witnesses to the event. The ice carver did a fantastic job and the proposal very emotional. I'll admit it even brought a tear to my eye!

    Congratulations to you both!

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    Congrats...I was proposed to at CN the AN hot tub...woo-hoo!

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    How cool. Literally and figuratively.

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    What a memory that will be for both of you....congratulations!

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    Default Thanks for sharing

    First of all, congratulations! I remember you posting the original message earlier this year and thought it was the most wonderful idea. I'm happy to hear it was all you hoped the question is, will you be getting married at CN?

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    Awesome. Congratulations.

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    Wow!! Huge CONGRATS!!! We wish you ALL the BEST!!!
    Isn't Couples Negril just THE BEST!!! Heaven on Earth!!!
    Art xo Francine

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    Doug and Sue Anne,
    It was really nice meeting you and playing "dirty minds" that rainy afternoon. Congratulations on the engagement.
    The way you pulled it off was great.
    Dennis and Kim
    Greenwood, MO.

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    Congratulations! So glad that you had a wonderful time in Negril.
    Franklin pours a fabulous Red Stripe, and Elkie is a joy even without the (current) Elkie Special.
    Your neighbors to the north in Jax. (Go Jags!)

    One Love. Every time. Without a doubt!

    Likkle mo, mon.

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    Thanks to everyone for their Congrats... I am Sue Anne, the one that he proposed too... Can I say that yes, it was the most wonderful moment of my life, next to actually meeting Doug 5 years ago... I look forward to going back to Couples... We are planning the wedding here in Florida, but if my family keeps driving me crazy, Couples may not only be our honeymoon spot but the wedding too LOL... Thanks to everyone at Couples... The most amazing vacation every!!!!

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    WOW! I am literally crying after reading this beautiful review review and the proposal, OH WOW! Congratulations, and good luck!

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