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    Default Couples Swept Away June 1st - June 8th

    My wife Misty and I will be going back to Couples Swept Away June 1st - June 8th. We were married at Swept Away May 20th, 2006 and have been wanting to go back ever since. We were looking for a Caribbean vacation this year, and just could not get ourselves to go somewhere other than Swept Away. We are really looking forward to getting back to Jamaica, the people are fantastic and the food is amazing, everything about Swept Away is spectacular.

    Has there been any major changes to the resort since 2006?


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    The only change I can think of is the Romance Rewards Program. Be sure to sign up for it! We were there in April 2006, April 2007, July 2008 and April 2010. We love that place! Looking forward to another trip in April 2011.

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    Yes, it just gets better and better!

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    Only 10 more days left and we're headed back to CSA !! I can't wait, I wish I could stay there for a month...

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