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    Default December Weather

    First timers to Jamaica:

    I will be getting married in December, and I was wondering how's the weather in December? And how's the humidity?

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    The best time to go to Jamaica is November – March. But remember that you are in the tropics and there is high humidity all year. It’s just a bit lower in the winter months. The least amount of rainfall occurs in January-February. We have had the best weather during our December trip. Not a cloud in the sky the entire week. Temps during the day are in the low to mid 80’s and lows at night around 70.

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    We have gone the last couple of years the first weekend in December (the 4th this year). The weather has been perfect. We only had rain one day each week, usually in the morning. My SO has COPD, and the humidity here in Wisconsin during the summer really gets to him. In the two years we have been there, we only had one day that was really hard on his breathing due to the humidity. Actually, most of the time it just the right amount of humidity for him. He feels great, and breaths better there than at home. Relax, and enjoy, the weather is perfect.

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    Normally... IT"S REALLY GOOD!

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    Thanks for the help everybody!

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    We went to CTI in December this year
    It was beautiful
    Mid 80's and sunny everyday
    but it was windy
    The water was cooler than when we go in July
    The pool was OK in the hottest part of the day but cold in the morning and later in the day
    The ocean was pretty cool most of the time

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    Congratulations on you upcoming wedding. We'll be at CN to celebrate our anniversary December 13 for the sixth consecutive year. Hope to see you there!.

    Weather is low-mid 80's. If there is any rain, it's usually a quick shower, rarely lasting more than 20 minutes.

    Enjoy your trip!!

    One love. Every time. Without a doubt.

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    Here is a link to the historical weather data for December 2009.
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    Oh, by the way, that is per the Wunderground weather station at CSA.
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    We have been to CSA twice in December...both were at the very end of the month after Christmas but the weather both times were perfect (2009 and 2007) this last time it didn't rain one bit and it was hot but not unbareable.
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