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    Default Need Help! Leaving 2mrw! 1st timer at CSA!

    Hi I need some help on what to bring to CSA. Im mostly concerned about night attire. Im packing some nicer dresses and heels. Do women wear heels at night for the nicer restraunts? I like to dress up but I dont want to feel out of place or too overdressed. So if I wear heels at night and a nice dress will I be out of place? I just want to know what to pack. And if any other women have any other tips on what to bring that would be great! Thanks everyone!

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    HOnestly, you won't feel out of place no matter what you wear. If you look around you will see a wide range of formal/informal attire. You wear what you feel comfortable in and you just walk in there like you own the place! Dont stress! I would bring multiple bathing suits and coverups as well. Thats the one thing i had wish i brought more of last time i went to CSA. Enjoy your trip! Can't wait to see pictures when you return!

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    We spent a lot of time in our bathing suits and, at dinner, I would wear a summer skirt and top or a sundress. You can certainly wear high heels, but CSA is kind of spread out. So, if you are walking from one side of the resort to the other, you may prefer pretty flats or a lower heel. Have a great time.

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    You're on vaca in one of the most romantic places in the world (imho)... if the lady wants to wear heels, so be it! But if you would rather go for comfortable chic, that's fine, too!

    By the way... we're right behind you, arriving on Saturday... see you pon di beach!

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