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    Default Question about what to wear at CSA? Leaving 2mrw!

    I just wanted to know how people dress at CSA at night? Im bringing some nicer dresses and heels. Does anyone where heels? Or will I look out of place and too over dresses? Im talking about what to wear to the nicer restraunts, I love dressing up I just dont want to be too overdressed. Also I really need to know about women wearing heels because I need to pack! And if anyone had any other tips or things to bring please let me know. Its my 1st time to Jamaica (or anywhere tropical for that matter) Thanks guys!

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    I am a guy, but I say wear what you want, for the most part though, women(my wife included) dress more casual at Couples than cruises or other types of locations. Nice sun dresses, etc. I would forgo the heels and stick with flats. The sidewalks are not really made for heels. But regardless, you will love CSA!
    I am jealous you are leaving tomorrow.
    My big clothing hint: the first time we went to CSA we both packed way too much day time wear(shorts, nicer shirts, etc) We found we were in our swim suits all day and then changed straight into dinner attire.
    Hope this helps!
    Have a great time!

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    I just got back from CSA on Monday (tear) and plenty of women were wearing heals; myself included. The sidewalks are just fine for heels. There were lots of women in nicer dresses as opposed to just plain old sundresses. Perhaps the 10 days I was there was a bit fancier than normal? I'll have to go back and investigate asap.

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    Feathers is nicer than Lemongrass and you could dress up for that restaurant, but really nice sun dresses will work great. As far as heels. I wore them one night to Feathers and then I have wedge heels that I wore to the other dinners. Wedge heels won't get stuck in the grass or in between the cracks. You are going to have a blast! We go for our second time this fall. CSA ROCKS!!!!!

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    You don't need a lot so try not to over pack. During the day you will probably spend most of it in a bathing suit and a cover up. At night a nice summer dress and a pair of heels would be fine. I usually wear some cute heels to the nice restaurant so and see lots. But other than that pack simple.

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