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    Default When is the best time to go? (CN, wedding)

    Hi all, just wanted some advice on the best time of year to visit CN- on or off season? We will be getting married there.

    Are there some restaurants, etc. that are not open or as available during the off season? Is it more fun during the peak season?

    I noticed the price goes down about $100/night after April 17 (2011).

    Thanks so much

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    Anytime is a great time to visit CN. All restaurants remain open year round and you get the same fabulous service no matter what time of year you go. The only difference is the humidity is a bit more in the summer and the summer/fall is hurricane season.
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    I think the question is "What are you running away from?". My wife and I always go to couples in February/March because we live in upstate NY and that is just about the time when we can't stand the snow anymore. The contrast between mid-winter and the 80 degree temperatures of the Caribbean is amazing. But we do pay a price for it. If you can go when it's warm up north, you'll save some significant $$$.

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    We went in June of 09 because that was our 25th anniversary. We have booked Dec this year and next year because the rates are lowest then and it is past hurricane season. We live in Ca so escaping cold weather is not a priority for us.

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    We have been to weddings at CSA (just done the street) in November and in June (our wedding--will be back in 2 days celebrating our 2nd anniversary). Both times of the year were perfect.

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    We got married 7/04 and it was pretty hot. After that we visited in December and then in November. I found December to be the best time. It was a little cooler and just perfect!

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