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    My husband and I went to CSS for my 70th Birthday and had a fantastic time. It will soon be his 70th and I am trying to decide which resort to book an ocean view room for 2 weeks at the beginning of August. We love to snorkel and dive. It was not so good at CSS. We enjoy a quiet but entertaining time and love a long beach to walk on . Again this was not possible at CSS. We have been to Negril several times but not to Couples

    Please advise.

    Thank you

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    From reading your post it sounds like you have answered your own questions. You should stay in either CN or CSA. They both have what yu are looking for.
    Not that CSS is a resort that you should not go to, it is still a wonderful resort

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    I'll echo Rich's sentiments. It seems you definitely enjoyed your stay with Couples other than the beach related activities. You'll find what you're seeking at either CN or CSA, at least with the long beach walks. Not so sure that the diving and snorkling is any better in Negril than in Ocho, but then again one snorkle excursion during my entire stay at Couples hardly qualifies me as an expert, so I'll let others weigh in on that aspect. I wish you the best.

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    I think the OP meant to say CSA vs CN. If that is what you meant. The only thing I see you requesting that CN can not accommodate is the ocean view. The ocean view rooms at CN are set at an angle and not direct onto the view. Other than that both resorts will fill your needs. They both go to the same diving/snorkeling spots. The thing we have found in the difference between diving in Ocho Rios and Negril is that frequently dolphins will dive with you while you are in Negril.

    The beach at CN is 2.5 miles long and only has resorts along the shoreline. The beach at CSA is 5 miles long and has resorts and mom & pop shops along the way.

    There is an AN beach at CN, but none at CSA.

    CN is very compact, while CSA is very spread out.

    Is there anything else you were looking for?
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    We love CSS and had some really nice dives there and the staff is awesome. However, we like the diving better at CN & CSA. Equally great staff but better dive boats at CN & CSA. We think the snorkeling is a little better in Negril and the beaches can't be beat. You can walk about 2 miles on the Bloody Bay beach(CN) and 5 miles on Long Bay (CSA). Now with the Trading Places program we like to stay at CN and one day go to CSA and walk as much of the beach as we can. Happy 70th, what better place to celebrate!

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    Thanks to all of you who replied to my query about whither CN or CSA would be the best place for my husband's 70th Birthday. I have booked an Ocean view room at Couples Negril. Did not realize that the OV rooms did not look straight onto the ocean !!!

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    You will have a great time at CN! We have had some OV rooms with really nice views. We'll be in one in September.

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